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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Mar-19-2003

It is such a beautiful day today, that I think that I shall continue on in what appears to be the leit-motif of this week ( this week including current affairs, The Baby waking me up at 4 this morning, because she had a bad case of the runs, me going down to the kitchen to get a diaper for her and discovering one of the dogs had a bad case of the runs, get the general idea ?).

I do believe that I shall fertilize the roses.

You know, it some how feels unfair that I have to buy special dried cow manure for them, when we already have such a wide variety available here, just laying around, waiting to be useful.

  1. Catherine Said,

    Merde! (that’s french you know) oh, and – bravo Ajax.

  2. sue Said,

    Uh, is that what it means ? You know me and french…

    I’m so sorry about arsenal. It is simply not fair.

  3. Catherine Said,

    Thanks, it’s a shame. Oh well, we had 6 games to prove ourselves in, and just didn’t. You know I was very proud – at no point did I send dodgy vibes over to Italy, even in the closing moments when the commentators on the radio were heaping hexes upon your boys. Still, they were all surprised that Ajax made it through the group – so what do they know.

  4. Richard Said,

    I once used a fine fertilizer called Milorganite which is made from the city of Milwaukee, WI. I believe sewage sludge is like sourdough starter or good balsamic vinegar in that it gets additions and withdrawals but always contain some of the original. Further, I recalled that Golda Meir was originally rom Milwaukee. So, whenever I used this fertilizer, I would have the odd thought that some of the granules might have come from Golda Meir.

  5. Richard Said,

    Slight edit: I meant to say Milorganite is made from Milwaukee’s sewage, to be perfectly clear.

  6. sue Said,

    Richard I don’t know if I shoould laugh or cringe !

    But yesterday truly was one sh*tty day. Even the puppy who had thr runs managed to roll around in what must have been a 5 pound lump.

    We don’t have rubber gloves here ( remember me > Allergic to everything ?). I suppose shampooing that goo out of his fur was the last straw.

    I’m surprised, though, that they could recycle the sewage. They must have zapped it very well indeed to kill all of those nasty things in it.

    Did you have Golda tomatoes, or just flowers ?

  7. sue Said,

    You know, Richard, ever since you wrote that about Golda, I’ve been wondering if there is a little bit of Goldie in you.

    And hearing the strains from that Lion King song, you know ‘…The circle…of….life’.

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