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Sakthi Masala

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Mar-11-2003

And what is cooking in our kitchen today ? A curry made from one of the spice packets that The Father brought back from his trip to India. He brought back 4 or 5 different mixes, and we are to decide which one we like best, and then whenever a shipment is coming over, our spices will be sent as well.

So far, it smells wonderful-

  1. Catherine Said,

    Mmmmmmmmmm – bon appetit (that’s french you know)

    Hey – good luck to all the boys in red and white tonight!


  2. sue Said,

    Oh, it does smell fine, I’m just a bit concerned as to how hot ( spicy) it is- Han was in Tamil territory and he said the food, well, was very, very hot. Although they sent along booster packs of chili powder, so….

    Football….having watched those two games, it seems like I shall have to become a fan again : I have been invited ( you are going to watch it with us, dear, aren’t you ?) to sit with the ‘boys’ and cheer on the Netherlands finest.

    Here’s hoping that we all play each other again.

  3. Catherine Said,

    indeed – some sunny day. Enjoy the game – tien tien tien!

  4. Morgaine Said,

    I really would have a difficult time deciding which one I like best. I’m real fond of curries and I like them to be spicy as well. I don’t want to eat spicy food all the time though… if I would do that, I wouldn’t be able to appreciate e.g. soft yet rich creamy tastes.

    I knew a guy who put sambal on just about anything. Even sandwiches with marmelade. That’s too exaggerated for my taste. He was close to putting sambal in his coffee too… ;-)

  5. 'bel Said,

    you’re making me hungry.
    I fly in 32 days’ time…

  6. sue Said,

    I could eat curry ( a variety) everyday for the rest of my life ! That or pizza.

    Morgaine, my brother puts the equivelent of cayenne powder on everything he eats- yech !

  7. sue Said,

    ‘bel- 32 days and then Moscow, right ? Sounds rather romantic to me.

    You know, Patak’s pastes are nice- perhaps a change from your pasta. Or is pasta your every-day food ? Are you eating your vegetables ?

    hmmm ?

  8. sue Said,

    Catherine- will you be able to watch the game ( your game) live ?

  9. 'bel Said,

    Sue, apart from the ubiquitous kolbasz, I’m eating nothing BUT vegetables; and I love Patak’s paste, it makes a great chick pea curry.

    Moscow is out – can’t get visas. So either Croatia, or camping at Balaton, which would be fine by me.

  10. Catherine Said,

    Yes – hooray – my game is on live, kick off 7.45pm. Good thing Callum can’t tell the time – he’ll be in bed early tonight.

  11. sue Said,

    Balaton sounds lovely to me- if there aren’t too many tourists !

  12. sue Said,

    Our game starts late- but we have been known to fudge bedtime on certain days !

    All moved ?

  13. sue Said,

    Psst ! Marjan ! Get off of the computer and go and have that baby !

    I’m dying to know if it is a girl or a boy !

  14. Marjan Said,

    I was planning on having this one while on the computer :-)

    Tonight I thought my water broke. But it was just a small gush and I have felt nothing since so I guess I only just peed my pants :-(
    I will keep you updated. Oh and I want to know ‘who’ is in there too! Oh maybe we can do a guessing game at my blog!

  15. sue Said,

    Marjan- please don’t make me sneeze-

    You will know when it breaks : it feels just like a balloon popped inside of you-

    Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, … hang in there !

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