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Spawn !

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Mar-3-2003

Our Angelfish have laid about 50 eggs on one of the plants in the tank.

What have I started ?

  1. Angel Said,

    WOW!! I am impressed… sadly my angel fish never survived the cat long enough to spawn!!!

  2. Marjan Said,

    *grin* oh boy!!

  3. sue Said,

    The thing is, Marjan, the kids expect me to be able to see that all of these eggs hatch and all of these fishlets make it.

    groan. So much for teaching responsibility towards animals to the kids.

  4. Marjan Said,

    They do sell these fish-nursery things at the store. A tank in a tank that separates the baby fish/eggs from the big fish. So they don’t get eaten. It may be an option!

    And if they all make it, you can always buy a big roll of ‘boterhamzakjes’ and let Mike hand them out to his buddies at school. :-)

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