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This Is Sad

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Mar-18-2003

This post is being put up so that I can determine what I ‘ping’ at, at Weblogs. Some how I have managed to accumulate 3 URLs for the same thing.

Don’t ask me how. I only recently figured out what ‘OS’ I am using.

I have vast lacuna in my data-base.

OK. I ‘officially’ ‘ping’ here .

What do you know.

  1. 'bel Said,

    ok – i’ve added that one.

  2. 'bel Said,

    and it’s working!

  3. sue Said,

    You know, I have no idea how it happened, not that it really matters that much…

    Make my coffee extra strong, for I have been up since 4- sick kid, sick dog. Oh, for a sniff of fresh air ! Runs, runs, runs, wherever I turn !

  4. Brian Said,

    Funny, it doesn’t work for me. My blogroll says you last updated on February 18.

    Which URL do you have for your site at

  5. sue Said,

    Brian, it goes without saying that it was different.

    Well, I’ve changed them all to this one here.

    Bah day.

  6. Brian Said,

    There, much better.

    Here’s hoping the dog’s balls drop! :-)

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