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Week 1

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Mar-9-2003

The Boy and Elvis are already very chummy, while The Girl prefers Buddy. Elvis gets into everything and so he and The Boy are well suited to each other.

Buddy seems to have a cold, and is not as playful as Elvis. So far I’m not worrying about him, but am watching him closely.

The first night went well . You see, that is one of the advantages of having two puppies : they are never lonely. The kitchen was a mess this morning ( that was to be expected), but The Girl and The Boy cleaned most of it up ( which was not expected).

What’s next ? We will be setting up a weblog for the the puppies at The Girl’s, The Father has a day off this week, so hopefully we can find an extension cord for the webcam ( as well as determine where the puppies like to hang out) and set that up later this week.

Kim asked how big they get. Well, BIG. Elvis should grow to be larger then our last dogs ( photo above, Stan: left, Ollie: right), who weighed in at about 80kgs when full grown, and it’s hard to say how big Buddy will get- he might stay small, he might catch up, in time.

Read more about the Newf here, at the The Kennel Club.

  1. Kiril Said,

    Congrats on the new additions!

    And thanks for the B-day wishes, and for visiting the JOINT, despite my current infrequent postings.:-)

  2. Catherine Said,


  3. kane Said,

    The photos have made my day. Nothing better than photos of kids & puppies. I can almost hear their giggles and laughter.

  4. Kathryn Said,

    Adorable dustmops! Congrats. :)

  5. cindy Said,

    I was looking forward to seeing the fella’s
    Buddy and Elvis! Aren’t they gorgeous? I see you’ve had newfs before…Stan and Ollie, awwww.
    They are BIG!
    This is gonna be fun!

  6. sue Said,

    They are great dogs. We have had newfs since ’83, with these 2 being #4 and #5. But we had to go all the way to the middle of nowhere Belgium to find decent dogs, as the newfs in the Netherlands have a pretty bad reputation.

    Puppies are so cute !

    I’m off to buy some DE with caffeine- I’m not waking up here at all !

  7. Steph Said,

    Congratulations on the new family members, they are adorable!

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