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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Apr-20-2003

Every Sunday , we take a long walk with the puppies. Usually, attendance is mandatory, but today, seeing how it is Easter and all, The Father didn’t feel like going and so the children and I went for a walk without him.

We ended up wandering through town, stopping by our favorite places, for almost two hours.

Town – of course- was packed with tourists. The bookstore now has a rack of foreign papers out on the sidewalk. Soon I won’t be able to step outside of our door or water the geraniums without someone stopping and asking me for directions.

For the most part, I don’t mind the tourists.

Except for the boat people. For some reason, the boat people annoy the shit out of me. I don’t know if it is because they all buy their clothes from the I-own-a-yacht catalog or their the-world-exists-for-my-pleasure attitude, but soon I shall be sending The Girl to the bakery on weekends, because that is when they really annoy me the most.

Instead of being able to breeze in and out of the bakery, during tourist season it will be packed, 15-20 people, and if I’m really lucky, there will be at least 4 boat people ahead of me, the men wearing polo shirts, the women covered with gold jewelry. Let’s use the couple in front of me as an example. Having waited in line for 15 minutes with nothing to do but look at the various breads and rolls on display, they will go to the counter .

‘Oh my’, she says ‘What shall we get ? What do you feel like having , dear ?’

Dear never really responds to this rather rhetorical question, and I stand behind them, visibly growing older as she orders 50 euro worth of baked goods. Just when I think she has to be done, she’ll pop up with another thing she simply must have, Oh ! The egg salad looks nice…what’s in it ? Do you have any parsley ?

I was reminded today of how much the boat people annoy me when the kids, the puppies and I stopped by the ‘little beach’. As the kids walked in the water, three people on the blue boat in the photo started making snarky comments about them, especially when I took out my camera to take this picture.

I was very glad that the kids were having such a nice time that they didn’t hear what the people were saying.

  1. Richard Said,

    Before supermarkets accepted ATM cards, I would fill out my check with everything but the amount while standing in line. Amazingly, the person ahead of me would invariably wait until the groceries were all totalled, then produce a massive handbag and start rummaging through it for a checkbook while I thought, “Did this person have a payment plan before getting in line?”

    Have you considered asking the boat people where they are moored and then asking, with a look of hidden alarm, something like, “You aren’t concerned about the sudden tides (bandits, noise, vandals, as appropriate) there?”

  2. sue Said,

    Good thought, there.

    I grind my teeth at the mere thought of them…

  3. melanie Said,

    Sue – we get ‘em too!! except they all dress straight from Cabela’s. what is usually a quick trip and a quick chat w/neighbors becomes an ordeal that can take hours! & then the tourists whine about something, very loudly, usuallly the quick chat the local customer is having w/the local cashier. ~ but we do love their $, I guess and after a long quiet winter and we’re all gossiped out about the local population – they do give a new topic :)

  4. Daisy Said,

    … but it’s a lovely picture!

  5. Dorothy Said,

    LOL – I can’t imagine what comments the boat people could make that wouldn’t include something like “Look at those beautiful & darling children & what gorgeous puppies. Oh wait & look at their mother, she’s like Aprodite!” Stuff like that. *L* (I’ve recently seen Helen of Troy).

  6. Dorothy Said,

    Whoops on that spelling . . . Aphrodite.

  7. Angel Said,

    HOPPY Belated Birthday!! I LOVE the pics and I have to agree w/Dorothy – how could they comment any other way then what she mentioned!! {{HUGS}}

  8. Diana Said,

    Where are these boat people from?

    (My checking line peeve: people who insist on using Visa Electron to pay for a stick of chewing gum or a beer.)

  9. sue Said,

    Diana, who knows where the beautiful people are really from, Cannes ? Actually, most of the boat people that we get are Belgians, Dutch and Germans.

    Although the boat in the picture was from Jersey. I’m guessing that no one with a boat like that is really from Jersey, though.

  10. Catherine Said,

    Gorgeous photo Aphrodite! I might be wrong, but I think a lot of Jersey folks are pretty well-to-do – I have a hunch one has to be rather wealthy to move there and that it has special tax rules.

  11. sue Said,

    Catherine, that is precisely what I meant ! Not those wretched tax-evaders, who- of course- can afford boats, but the real natives… the locals…

  12. Catherine Said,

    Oh goodness, then how patronising of me – you are of course quite right. Good luck to Ajax tonight!

  13. sue Said,

    Catherine : don’t be silly ! I was being too obscure. Again. I used to watch some show that took place on one of the islands…

    Thanks for the good wishes.

    Things going well ?

  14. Catherine Said,

    Poor poor Ajax – you lot must have felt like you’d been put through a mangle by the final whistle.

    All’s well here thanks – the long weekend was fine, everyone behaved themselves and I ate my own weight in Nana Pat’s trifle. I have the day at home to myself today – hooray!

    Hope all’s well over there, and that the kids took the news about Oma OK,


  15. sue Said,

    Ugh, what a headache I have : Mr.Jo is here. He is playing his radio. He is also using the buzz saw at the same time. Thenoise is killing me !

    The game was…exciting, and we feel no shame in having lost to…them.

    The kids…Han wants to tell them together and so, they will hear of it this weekend. Being the drama queens that they are ( each, of course, in their own, precious way), I suppose that he is right…

    Oh, my head !

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