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Hey, Jude

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Apr-26-2003

Every now and then, I am struck with an ‘oh, let’s do something different, something new, something gay’ mood, get out of our day to day rut, live adventurously mood.

With the help of my little computer – the same one that stands before me now- I then proceed to set up something different, something new, something gay for us to do in , say, about 6 months time.

But as the adventurous day draws near, I begin to question my sanity. What was I thinking ? I don’t want to go anywhere. I’m tired. I simply want to sit in my comfy chair and watch ER. I must have been drunk.

So went yesterday. I was in a mood most foul, as though that evening I would be attending a public execution, one in which I had the starring role. I don’t like Paul McCartney all that much. The Father is his biggest fan, not me. Two and a half hours of ‘Wings’. I’m tired. I would rather sit in my comfy chair and watch ER.

And as predictable as my foul mood is, so is the fact that I always have a wonderful time. The first 45 minutes of the concert, well, a little too much ‘Wings’ and solo stuff was played, but then, I began to melt. After all, I grew up with the Beatles. I watched their cartoon show, their early films, I cried, was shocked, stunned, when they split up. And there I sat, listening to a real live Beatle, who sang no less then 20 of those old tunes.

It was wonderful. Somewhere, deep inside of me, a 10 year old girl was amazed to be sitting in the same concert hall as Paul McCartney. A real, live Beatle.

And next month, I can moan and groan over having bought tickets to a Neal Young concert. ( I must have been drunk).

  1. lynn Said,

    sir paul? lucky you! neil young? even luckier! i’m always tempted, but the thought of huge venues and gigantic crowds restrains me at the last moment…(paradiso is about my speed. and norah jones was a treat.)

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