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The Bells Are Ringing

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Apr-2-2003

You know, they say that if you live close to a church with bells, or to train tracks for that matter, that after a while you simply don’t hear the noise any more.

That’s not true for me, though, but then, I like the sound of bells. Behind us – nearly in our back yard- is the big Protestant church with it’s bells, and just down the street from us is city hall, with it’s carillon.

I don’t really know how a carillon works but imagine part of it – in this day and age- is simply a matter of programming the thing, for it usually plays the same tune every quarter of the hour with a long one on the hour. This can get tedious on holidays as one tends to hear the same dull ditty all day long, but sometimes there is a flair of creativity apparent : for many years, at promptly 9pm the bells rang out ‘Brahms Lullaby’. It was my signal to get a glass of wine, the evening had started.

But last week we must have had a visitor in town. I didn’t see him/her but I recognized him/her from the melodies the bells were playing. It was our old bell guy, the one with a penchant for playing top 40 songs from the 70′s.

All last week, I walked through town, the bells ringing out ‘ Let it Be’ and ‘ Blowing in the Wind ‘ as I shopped .

  1. Karan Said,

    One of the colleges I went to had a bell tower and the music students had assignments to play during certain hours of the day. We heard all kinds of music up there, mostly classical but my favorite selection was Eleanor Rigby.

  2. sue Said,

    Karan, I loved our old bell guy- he was always playing Dylan and ‘Bridge over Troubled Water’. I loved the contrast of what the bells were playing and the town itself.

    I remember, though, that often what he was trying to do just didn’t work : he onced tried and failed miserably to play something from Genesis.

  3. Anonymous Said,

    A bit OT, but I once heard a radio report that a train company suddenly received loads of calls from people living by the track complaining about being woken at night by train noises. The company investigated and found that they had recently CANCELLED a night-time service.

  4. Angel Said,

    It’s true… I lived in a town (ok almost all towns around here have it cause I still live near/hear horns) that had an horrendous siren/horn for all first aid/fire calls and after a while it sorta fell to the background of your conscience so that you weren’t always overly aware of it going off… The train tracks are close enough to hear/feel them now and it’s only in the dead of the night when all is quiet that I really hear the trains going by…. Just my 2 cents for what it’s worth!

  5. sue Said,

    I wonder if the people ever realised that the trains had stopped ? How funny !

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