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The Good Deed

Posted by Mummy Dearest on May-17-2003

I came that close to closing this page down today. I lost my wallet today, at the end of a long morning of shopping and when I realized that it was gone, I said ‘ That’s it. I’m not going to write one more moan and groan, pain in the ass episode of life in Brabant. I’ll start again when I have something good to say.’

I left this morning at 9.30 am, heading off with a stuffed wallet and two hours to shop in the big city ahead of me. I spent the time buying the kids new clothes, wandering through the big market, picking up gifts for The Boy’s big day ( ?) tomorrow.

The Father picked me up and we drove to the pet store. With my last euros ( and I mean last : when last seen, my wallet contained a one euro coin, a two euro coin and a half a pound of they-all-look-alike-copper coins) I bought litter box liners, fish food and ( yes! But I’ll figure that out tomorrow) a 15 kilo sack of puppy chow. I paid the bill and that was the last time I saw my wallet.

Once we realized that it was missing, we drove back to the store and then began all of those calls, to banks , to the Efteling. The Father had just finished arranging things when the phone rang : it was the hardware store, next to the pet store and they had my wallet.

I was mighty glad to get it back although now we have to un-block all of my cards and it is strange knowing that someone was fumbling through my stuff. But still, it was nice of them to turn it in.

But the nasty part of me wonders, if there had been a few hundred euro in it, not my measly 5 or 6, would I have ever seen it again ?

Maybe so. Maybe there are still nice people walking around this planet.

  1. lynn Said,

    there are. really. they’re put onto your path to convince you to stay positive. you’ll see. you’ve had a disastrous week, full of pain, and i really detest too much “na regen/zonneschijn” comfort, BUT…oh good heavens i’m sounding like an old flower-power-type here (which i am)…i believe that you always get what you give, and you’ve outdone yourself in the giving department, so keep faith..

  2. lynn Said,

    and take lots of pictures of mike tomorrow on his – indeed – BIG day. it’s an accomplishment. and we want to share it.

  3. Karan Said,

    I’m glad it worked out well for you because I’d miss seeing you in the kitchen.

  4. sue Said,

    Oh Karan- how nice of you to say that. Just a while ago, I was saying to Han that we seem to have some sort of account, emotional account, and as long as it is resonably full, we can deal with things. But once it becomes depleted, we are in trouble. Tiny things annoy us.

    Han has been running on empty for a long time, but today, I was in the kitchen, looking out of the window, and he was playing with Meg and the puppies.He looked happy again. I was glad to see it.

    I shall say this, when these bad days are over, Han and I are going back to London again, stay in that same hotel again, turn up the air-co and put on our sweaters again.

    Aren’t you nice to me. I tried to play the new game at Brian’s, but life got in the way…

  5. sue Said,

    Oh Lynn, aren’t you nice to me. I’m not that nice of a person at all.

    I wish that life would go back to me giving funny links to how Maxima sounds speaking Dutch.

    That, of course, was the point of my blog. When I started. Passing on Dutch things, dontcha know.

    My, I would love to have your camera -

    Bye-the-bye- are you both Americans ?

  6. Morgaine Said,

    This probably doesn’t sound right but it’s good in a strange way reading not only about the good things but about the bad things as well. This only makes the blog more ‘humane’ and I guess we all can relate when talking about those days that aren’t great (and sometimes that’s an understatement).

    Once in a while, when one is feeling a bit down, it can even be a relief that other people are also experiencing problems because at times it seems like the whole world is better off (and of course it isn’t, which one rationally knows but emotionally tends to ignore)…

  7. Will Said,

    Yes. There are a few nice people around. The kind of people who would go out of their way to send treats a recent, new big brother who is adjusting to the arrival of a squawking, demanding little brother.

    I haven’t given up hope yet.

    Tnx, Sue.


  8. lynn Said,

    canadian, and still: no desire to convert, even after 23 years. maple leaf forever and all that. my camera? i love it. it has given me a new aspect on daily life. it’s not even state-of-the-art- but i start cropping the moment my alarmclock buzzes! how was mike’s communion?

  9. sue Said,

    Mike had a lovely day, it included falling in love and attempting to get me a job at McDonald’s. I have the application form that he filled in for me right here…

    For some reason, they think that if I work there, they will get free food.

  10. sue Said,

    Morgaine, that is a good point. I get lost at times, trying to keep track of memories for the kids, dates that I should remember, and wanting to share my Dutch experience.

    And the mutual funds at blogshares ! Driving me nuts ! ( But what an oh-so-welcome escape… say, is Matt ok?)

  11. Morgaine Said,

    Matt got cut off. What exactly happened I don’t know but it seems to be a problem with his phone line, not with the dsl… Hope to see him return online as soon as possible. Met him through working on the Blog Street JOurnal and it’s nice talking to him…

    Guess I’m gonna try the old fashioned snail mail… ;-)

  12. Daisy Said,

    I’m so sorry to hear about Laura. Thoughts are with you and the family.

  13. Karen Said,

    if there was no kitchen, where would I make the tea?

  14. sue Said,

    Oh Karen, little meteor!

    You have found a lovely niche- please retire my ‘ head of ghouls’ status-


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