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Week 12

Posted by Mummy Dearest on May-24-2003

The Boy with Elvis, The Baby, The Girl with Buddy.

Week 1 here.

  1. lynn Said,

    look! a real-live PRINCESS!

  2. sue Said,

    Ha !

    You know, Lynn, I’ve been waiting all week for the rain to stop long enough to get the weekly picture of the dogs/kids.

    Hope it stops soon, as I’m beginning to mold around the edges !

  3. Dorothy Said,

    They look great. The dogs are really getting big. Love Meg’s outfit! She’s all decked out. Miss seeing you around. Are you posting/lurking on any of the boards now?

  4. sue Said,

    Hi Dorothy, I’m not posting anywhere right now, although I do check the two boards out daily.

    Must admit, after all of those years, I really miss it ! One part of me hopes that PP loses so many people that they’ll put it back to how it was.

    I can dream, right ?

  5. Karan Said,

    You do know that Meg is going to be a fashion designer don’t you?

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