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A Question

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jun-26-2003

I wonder if grown men ever cry during films ( obviously, I truly carried on during ‘Shadowlands ‘. I sobbed and wept and simply drenched the hem of my dress, mopping up after myself.). I tend to think that they don’t, but then I have spent most of my life surrounded by men who eat garlic and babies for breakfast, if you know what I mean.

I know that movies can make little boys cry. Do you think that I have let The Boy watch ‘Old Yeller ‘ yet ? Ha ! It was on last weekend, and when the children asked me if there was a nice film on for them, I said, uh, gee, I think that there is another ‘Flodder’ movie on.

I wonder why that changes. The tears alway surprise and appall me , but there doesn’t seem to be much that I can do to stop them.

Short of erasing the tear-jerkers from my agenda.

  1. lynn Said,

    i was TRAUMATISED by old yeller. decades have passed, and i still get choked up even remembering. but films about achieving-the-seemingly-impossible (norma rae, billy elliot,pollyanna, even – god help me – flashdance) are always a guarantee for a teary deluge….

  2. sue Said,

    Lynn, same here. I saw it once and will never, ever watch that film again.

    Do you know that now, in any children’s film ( non-animated) coming out of the States, saying that the dog will never die is usually true ?

    The kids will be watching some movie and fussing about the dog ( who is missing or whatever). I ask, is it an America film ? If the answer is yes, I tell them, don’t worry, the dog never dies.

    And he doesn’t.

    Perhaps we are witnessing an entire generation traumatized by ‘Old Yeller ‘- you never know-

  3. Brian Said,

    Criminy, I cry at the drop of a hat — movies, TV shows, Sesame Street, you name it. But I am unquestionably one of those SNAG types.

  4. Roberta Said,

    The Titanic made me an emotional wreck for weeks and weeks. I’ve noticed a tear sneaking around Hub’s nose when he watches sad movies about animals and/or small children.

  5. Angel Said,

    OH gosh let’s not even go into the loooonnnngggg list of commercials, tv shows and movies that make me cry lately… I swear I am overly emotional about EVERYTHING lately… I think I need to buy stock in kleenex!!!

  6. Angel Said,

    BTW E cried watching Sleepless in Seatle and there was another “girlie” flick he watched w/me too that had him a little misty w/the old “something is in my eye” line!!

  7. Edwinek Said,

    Oh, I my eyes do overflow sometimes during films. But regularly at moments where all the others are sitting their with eyes like blow dried marbles. I must be a psychiatrist’s dream… Or maybe it’s just some kind of allergy?

  8. kane Said,

    Yes, some men do cry during movies. Admittedly, I sometimes become teary-eyed with sentimental commercials.

  9. Karan Said,

    I bought “Red the Red Fern Grows” remembering that I really liked it when I was ten. One day, I needed to have LC distracted so I popped the video in and just left him in the TV room to watch it alone. About 90 minutes later, he emerged sobbing his heart out and scolding me for not warning him about the ending. I felt deep guilt at that one.

  10. cin Said,

    This is GREAT:
    “Short of erasing the tear-jerkers from my agenda.”
    I got my ” gummetje” out…trying to erase the jerkers…
    another Old Yeller trauma-case here.
    Thanks for the laugh in a teary time, they just flow like water, lately. A leaky faucet!

  11. Kiril Said,

    Yes, we do cry at the movies.

    In 30 years of going, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve done so, and of the many reasons why.

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