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Henny- Penny

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jun-2-2003

The Boy, The Girl and The Father leave for Italy tomorrow after dinner. They were going to leave Wednesday morning, but then Oma and Opa asked for a ride. Sure, said The Father. And then yesterday, they asked if the trip could be done in two days, rather than The Father’s usual barreling down to Milano in one day. Sure, said The Father.

I always get very tense before a trip and I’m not noticing any exception going on today. While I don’t leave everything until the last moment, there simply are things that can’t be done until the last moment.

One day, summer clothing for children that does not need ironing will be available on the dutch market.

I believe this with all of my heart.

  1. Daisy Said,

    Sigh. If I lived closer I’d offer to come over with my iron. Getting the wrinkles out of cute little t-shirts and dresses *must* be more interesting than fishing clothes…

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