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The Call

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jun-4-2003

The Father just called. They are safe and sound, just outside of Milano.

I didn’t ask him to call, but I am very glad that he did. Yesterday as I stood waving them off, the car filled with most of the people that I love in this world, for a brief moment I wondered if I would see them again.

What a ninny I can be.

  1. kim Said,

    have a great trip sue, and don’t forget to apply and reapply that sunscreen! :)

  2. Karen Said,

    Hope you have a lovely trip. Can’t promise you any gossip, but if there is any, I’ll leave it here.

  3. Edwinek Said,

    Enjoy! Hope the fish will survive.

  4. Kiril Said,

    The juiciest bit of gossip I’ve got is that my next door neighbors cat is a Peeping Tom. :-)

    He stares in my window and hisses at MY cat. :-)

    Also, regular writing on Sneakeasy’s has FINALLY resumed. :-)

    It feels good to have time to check out my favorite blogs again, and to also take up writng again myself. :-)

    Have a safe, and enjoyable trip. :-)

  5. lynn Said,

    no gossip. just a genuine “welcome home”. i hope the sun shone.

  6. Morgaine Said,

    Hope you had a marvelous time over there in Italy. And that summertime continues back over here. :-)

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