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Minutiae of Motherhood

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jul-15-2003

A long, hot day with The Baby, who has been talking non-stop. Among other things, she reminded me that my camera needs new batteries.

She is now lounging about on the queen size mattress here in my little room of my own, relating the saddest- yes, the saddest- story. According to The Baby, Dr.Ebben – our GP -called her on the telephone and said that she required a purple swimming pool, complete with a slide, which should be set up in our living room, for the sake of her good health.

I attempt to sidetrack her by asking if a red one will do.

I fail.

Idee Fixe.

  1. Karan Said,

    I just love Meg.

  2. Daisy Said,

    Me too.

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