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The Lake

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jul-31-2003

The Baby, The Girl, grandpa and The Boy at smith lake.

Most afternoons, we go to the lake. Most mornings, we shop.

I went to a real Mall today. Eat your hearts out.

  1. Edwinek Said,

    None of them is smiling! You didn’t push them in just for the photograph, did you?

  2. lynn Said,

    oh oh: a real lake, a real mall, real socks…colour me green!

  3. cin Said,

    I have never seen Miss Meg look so deflated, is Grandpa pinching her?
    Oh yeah…rub it in Miss Galleria-shopper girl and all those sheets and towels!
    turning green here…

  4. Bridget Said,

    Did you buy superior american socks and eat inferior american food court food?

  5. kane Said,

    Eighteen shops specifically designated as women’s apparel and two men’s apparel. Sounds about right. :)

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