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The Tour

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jul-13-2003

I watched sports on television today. How could I miss L’Alpe D’Huez ?

There are always a lot of Dutch fans there, lining the mountain road, jumping up and down and looking like they are having a fine old time. I wonder, when they are packing for their trip down to France, do they ask each other : ‘ Hey, you remember your silly orange hat ?’ ‘ Got it. You have the red, white and blue face paint?’ ‘Check’.

Secretly, I would have loved to have been there as well. I like that sort of thing. We actually saw a part of the Tour once. They passed right by a village just a few miles away from ours- I kid you not. We strapped the kiddos in their buggies and baby bags and parked ourselves by a curve in the route and waited for an hour or so. The first clue that we had that the bikers were nearing- as we stood near an isolated farm road- was the appearance of low flying, Apocalypse Now helicopters coming over the horizon. They made a hell of a noise, but we could follow the course of the bikers by the positions of the helicopters.

Even though The Father had placed us at a curve, where the bikers would have to slow down, still, they zipped by us within 20 seconds.

But I enjoyed it. I like that sort of thing.

  1. eliz Said,

    I like that sort of thing too. Perhaps one day you’ll get to see my nephew compete in the Tour. That’s his goal.

  2. sue Said,

    If your nephew makes it, I shall have my perfect excuse to go to L’Alpe D’Huez.

  3. Kiril Said,

    Tour schmour!

    My only concession to the big event, on my THE CYCLING DUDE blog, was to poke fun at LANCE by imagining him announcing that he wasn’t going to race but actually leisurely TOUR the route.

    You know, relax and smell the flowers. :-)

    Seriously: I DO hope he wins again. :-)

  4. sue Said,

    I really haven’t watched too much biking since Lemond, but Han can usually drag me to the TV for this etappe. Of course, we are so very much for Armstrong, but his tactics certainly are different from Lemond’s- Greg seemed to have done everything by himself, Armstrong is really always in the center of his team.

    The announcer the other day was driving me nuts, though. Every 2 minutes, he was asking,’ And when is Armstrong going to do something ?’.

    You know, when I list what I think what the most exciting sports event that I have ever seen, it’s always that one when Lemond beat Fignon on the final etappe of the Tour. Boy, that was something.

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