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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Sep-19-2003

Did I mention that I finally bought a new camera ? A Coolpix ( I’m such a slave to fashion).

Now to figure out how to use it.

  1. Bridget Said,

    Meg is a very pretty little girl!

  2. lynn Said,

    what a sweetheart!
    i did too: the new bit. stuck with canon though, so it’s just like same-same-but-different..:-)

  3. sue Said,

    Bridget, you know what Meg is : a very jolly little girl. Even Grandpa remarks that Sally and Mike are complex, but Meg, well, she’s just always happy.

    Although sometimes I think that he puts her right up there with Ellie May and Jethro, if you know what I mean !

    Parenthood showing.

  4. sue Said,

    Lynn, I was strongly tempted to get another Olympus, but I have had such a mixed experience with it. It’s that shutter delay thing which upsets me so much.

    I find this camera much too small, but I shall read the manual and see what it has to say.

    After all, I’m only looking for kiddo and dog snaps.

    Gert must be discretely vomiting into her hat by now…

  5. Brian Said,

    You bought the same camera I did. I found all of the digital cameras I looked at had irritatingly slow shutters. The small size was a plus in my book, since I did not want such a big camera for our upcomnig trip.

    Now that we’ve used it a bit more, we really like the Coolpix 4300, but I won’t be taking many slow-shutter or fast-action photos with it.

  6. Daisy Said,

    Lovely picture, gorgeous eyes!

  7. melanie Said,

    so… are you saying that this digital takes pictures as you click the shutter? I have an olympus that John gave me for last christmas & I rarely use it because my subjects move… and I miss my picture. Meg is as beautiful as her sister. & I’m sure the dogs will outgrow this phase, or Hans will – take care

  8. Gert Said,

    Not vomiting at all! She’s beautiful. Heck, I even posted a picture of my neplings the other week!

  9. sue Said,

    Aw, shucks ! I shall have to tell her all of the nice things the computer has said about her !

    Brian, your recommendation was basically what led to me buying this one. I couldn’t for the life of me choose between the Olympus and the Coolpix. I just wish it was a little bigger.

    Mel, the problem I had with the old Olympus was after about a year, I would push the button to take a photo and then have to wait…and wait… and wait. I took more pictures of the dogs tails as they ran away ! This one ( so far) actually clicks when I push the button. Plus I’m hoping it does better with closeups. For some reason, I’ve always wanted to take a picture of our goldfish and the other camera couldn’t handle it.

  10. Edwinek Said,

    Er… Is a Coolpix such a fashionable camera? Am I just so out of touch with fashion (not that I was ever in touch with it)?
    I wanted to add some flattering comment about Meg, but I see I’m too late, they’ve all been made. But I agree completely.

  11. sue Said,

    Well, Edwin, when I started looking at cameras, that was the name that kept popping up. Basically I wanted something uh, er, that had more pixels ? so that it would print out better pictures ( Grandparents, dontcha know). I’ve only tried the camera once so far, and managed to have the pixel settings all wrong ! Oh well. Han’s pictures came out lovely, so I’ll just keep hacking away with it…

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