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Week ???

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Sep-14-2003

The Boy and Elvis, The Girl and buddy

The puppies are now 8.5 months old. Buddy weighed in last week at 50 kilos, Elvis at 40 kilos. We wonder just how big they will get, as a Newf is not full grown until the age of two.

  1. Angel Said,

    OH MY!!! They have gotten so big!! Not full grown til TWO??? EEKS!! Sooo just how much puppy chow are we going thru these days???

  2. sue Said,

    Well, we have added other things to their diet, so I stopped keeping track like I was doing. But they go through 25kgs of bigger-puppy chow a week, as well 10 pounds of frozen pens a week and about 2 loaves of brown bread a day.

    I just shovel it in one end and shovel it up from the other !

  3. Angel Said,

    Ok are the pens those disgusting things you blogged about in the past??? And why the bread??? E insists on it for Patch because it helps her gain weight – for all she eats she’s as thin as a greyhound and I am not comfy w/a doggy you can feel or see the ribs on…. I can FULLY relate to the shoveling but seems you are doing much more the I…

  4. Edwinek Said,

    Where’s Meg? I bet she’s hiding behind Buddy, she sure could by now…

  5. sue Said,

    Edwin, she wasn’t home on Sunday. It was Oma and Opa day at the Land van Ooit and that’s where she was !

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