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Make My Week

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Oct-26-2003

I just found a phenomenal auction at ebay -the seller has goods up for auction worth about $750 for a starting bid of $1. No reserve.

What is the catch ? The seller has no reputation at ebay for selling this product. None. Zero. But I know the seller from somewhere else- in fact, The Father and I were just talking about him on Saturday. He’s more then reliable, more then professional. I think he is trying to establish a reputation for himself in this field at ebay via this stunt.

Of course, I put in a bid and now the waiting begins.

  1. cassie-b Said,

    Go for it. Sounds like you might get a bargain or two and your acquaintance might get the good reputation he’s looking for

  2. sue Said,

    I have ! Although I think I’ll feel bad if I win- I shall almost feel as though I’m robbing him.

    We’ll see. I hope – no matter what- that his fine sense of integrity is noted via all of this.

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