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Red Letter Day

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Oct-27-2003

Well, of sorts. Baby had her first little friend over on a ‘play date’. It was Roos , best friend number one. I haven’t been pushing these play-dates over at Casa Kitchen, as The Boy and The Girl usually have friends over as well. Alright, I just didn’t feel like it.

I spent an hour and a half running up and down the stairs, helping them to try on various Princess dresses that inhabit the rooms upstairs. They had fun, it went well, Baby’s room only needs Dorothy’s house plopped down in the middle of the debris to complete the picture.

Oh well. I had to clean the room up in any case, as during a few days scattered throughout the beginning of November a Chinese business associate of The Father’s will be staying here. The Father has already filled the family in. I have been told that he is very easy going and that he eats anything. That is supposed to calm me down. The children have been told that he is very tall and has an unusual English accent. Instead of saying ‘Red Rabbits’, he says ‘led labbits’.

The children have been forewarned.

  1. lynn Said,

    chinese? and TALL? :-)

  2. sue Said,

    Lynn- I kid you not, he is about 6’6. I’ve met him before. Not only is he tall, he’s BIG ( not fat, BIG).


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