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Free At Last

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Nov-13-2003

The long-awaited for day finally arrived today . Once The Baby started school full time, I told all of the children that every other Thursday they would be staying at school for lunch, instead of coming home for the usual hour and a half of squabbling, whining and yelling that usually passes for the lunch break here.

They were not pleased with this latest plan of mine until I asked them : Do you want a nice Christmas ? Then I need time to do the shopping, and I have to go to the big city for the things that we need. End of grumbling, to a certain degree.

I had actually planned on going last Thursday, but during the weekend before that big day, a chunk of one of my molars broke off. While it didn’t hurt, I knew that eventually it would and so made an appointment with the dentist in town. The only available day ? That very same Thursday. So, instead of a flight into freedom, I sat in the dentist’s chair.

And so today the big day arrived. I bought a bus ticket yesterday and this morning I prepared the bag lunches for the rather sour-faced offspring. Do you want a nice Christmas or not ?

By 10, I was on the bus, heading through the farmland to the city. Once there, I simply ambled around, enjoying the fact that I didn’t have to check my watch every 10 minutes, that the stores were empty of the usual Saturday mobs. While I brought home enough goods to stagger a small, brown donkey, I actually only purchased one Christmas gift : a pair of Simpsons pajamas for The Boy. The rest of the bags contained clothing for the children : pants for The Girl, who is growing taller at an alarming rate, boots and a purple ensemble for The Baby ( purple is her favorite color these days. I loathe the color purple, but then, I don’t have to wear it, do I ? The purple outfit was bought in an attempt to divert her attention from the fact that her boots are black, not purple, as she requested), a new pair of pants for The Boy, who splits the left knee on every pair of pants I buy him after approximately 7 weeks.

I bought a nice piece of fish for dinner, roodbaars. I haven’t a clue as to what that is in English- perhaps a sort of bass ? And did I buy anything for myself ? Yes, I did : during Baby’s birthday, it became embarrassingly obvious that we had a dire shortage of small plates, as in something to put a piece of cake on. At the Bijenkorf ( of all places) they have these lovely red ware plates. I have a fatal weakness for red ware. I bought 5 plates. I love them dearly already. I may even take a picture of them, I think they are so ….so…well, I like them.

Now I am home again. I’ve made the beds and done the laundry, gone to the market ( today is- after all- market day in our town) and soon it’s off to pick up the kids at school once more.

I’m already looking forward to my next flight.

  1. Julie Said,

    Sounds like a nice day Sue…. did you ever think
    to become a writter ,you write so well …very interesting…. with great humor… well enjoy
    the red plates they do sound nice … very festive :) Julie….

  2. sue Said,

    Hi Julie- I had a blast. It’s nice to take of the cloak of authority and to just be oneself again for a few hours.

    I myself never thought that I would ever buy anything from the Bijenkorf- I’m more a Hema sort of person.

    Say, do you ‘do’ Sinterklaas ? One of the things I had to pick up today was ‘shoe supplies’.

  3. Julie Said,

    No we dont do Sinterklass just the two of us but my friends here with children do … Im with you
    I love the Hema … We just got a Bijenkorf in
    Enschede ….I also have been to the one in
    A’dam…I love the grocery stores with all the little boots and shoes with toys and candies in them ….
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend Julie :)

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