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Guess Who Came To Breakfast ?

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Nov-20-2003

Just about everyone and their brother. This morning- just as I was gathering up the coats for the children- The Girl came charging into the kitchen in a huff. ‘Some man’, she fumed, ‘is smacking at our front windows’. Looking into the living room, I told her that that man was the window washer, calm down.

A few minutes after I returned home from taking the kids to school, Mr.Jo appeared. Yes, he has returned to finish off the last bit of the house. I don’t even know what to call this last bit, perhaps ‘ The Grape Arbor Which Ate New York’.

It started out simply enough : I wanted a grape/ rose arbor like the ones in Italy. And then it began to grow : if we screen it in, the dogs can go there in the summer and be protected from the flies. And grow : if we put a roof on it, they won’t get wet and we can sit there. And grew : if we have windows that we can pop in and out, it won’t be too cold in the winter.

I have no idea what this thing will look like when it is done. Mr.Jo assures me that it will be lovely.

That alone makes me apprehensive. and the-grape-arbor-which-ate-new-york. note the ladder going up to the third floor : the window washer. it was very busy here at coffee time ( 10am, edwin).

Having announced to The Father that I was going to go and take a picture of Mr.Jo and the thing( a Day 1 sort of thing), he wistfully asked me ‘ Aren’t you going to take my picture as well ?”

The Father and the wall next to the fireplace-which-we-burn-all-winter-long.

Oh, and how could I forget ? The computer guy came ( the one-in-the-know-about-networks) and the wireless is running flawlessly.

So far.

  1. lynn Said,

    it’s going to be beautiful, your conservatory! we have a grape arbour, and it IS a lovely addition, but only in the summer…
    oh. and..hi, han! happy to meet you.

  2. sue Said,

    Oh, Lynn… how can I put this. How does ‘ and I have different tastes’ sound ?

    And Han never, ever comes here… but that is him, and the wall now looks lovely. It’s white, once again ( he had promised me that this would be done while the kids and I were in the states- what an eyesore !)

    Now, where will I put the climbing roses that I want to buy ?

  3. Julie Said,

    Sue how long has your house taken to get it to the pointe your happy?…from the pic it looks lovely….ladders and all gutted the whole thing didnt you ? … good luck with all your plans .. Han doesnt look bad with that paintbrush
    hahah… have a good weekend .. Julie :)

  4. Edwinek Said,

    That’s an early coffe time. But then again, with all the hard working folk around… Or was it the grape arbor which ate new york and then came to coffee?

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