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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Nov-17-2003

The Boy’s problems weigh upon my heart.

And there I was, all glad to be old and wise, the years of sturm and drang behind me.

  1. Dorothy Said,

    Sorry to hear of Mike’s troubles. Sounds like you’ve got it pegged though. Younger fish in a pond filled with girls & older boys. Hope he finds a fun friend to hang with soon.

    Love the Piet pics w/Meg. Would that be the “Piet smart enough to greet a wee royal with a crown?” How cute she is.

    What a fun time you all must have. I remember your pics & stories of last year’s celebrations. It sounds wonderful. My girls were happy that “Santa” doesn’t try to arrive here by boat. Oh, he wouldn’t go far by boat in the mighty Rio Grande. LOL

  2. sue Said,

    Hi, you ! Oh, it is a fine time. As you can see, though, Mr.Jo is back and it’s a bit zooish at the moment.

    In fact, he and Han spent a large portion of their morning in search of the puppies : Jo left the gate to our yard open…

    Close to an hour later, they were spotted swimming laps up and down one of the smaller canals in town…

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