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50 Ways…

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Dec-8-2003

Does anyone remember that Paul Simon song, ‘Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover’ ? One excuse was, ‘Well, you like to sleep with the windows open and I keep the windows closed’, or, it might have been the other way around. I- by the way- sleep with the windows open. In the past, this posed, oh, minor problems. But then, I’m not with those fellows these days, am I , so perhaps it was not that minor of a problem.

So, The Father and I sleep with the windows open. We also sleep starkers. Our bedroom is about 2 below right now.

I’m guessing that until one gets everything warmed up, it is a rather daunting picture, isn’t it ?

Obviously, it is for me, for here I am.

  1. i Said,

    Ouch. That’s too cold. Don’t you EVER close the windows?

  2. Angel Said,

    UGH!! Sleeping conditions like that merely force me farther under the covers – I am NOT from the school of “It’s gets you up and moving”… NO THANK YOU!!! What a brave woman you are!!!

  3. Roberta Said,

    Windows open, Yes. Otherwise you wake up with a puffy face, puffy eyes. Cold is good.

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