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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Dec-28-2003

I have found it very interesting to read what various people think about Christmas, how stressful Christmas can be, how empty of meaning. For the most part, I’m sure that they are right. I found Christmas to be very stressful, I’m only realizing now just how stressful it all was as my allergies kept me awake most of the night last night. They are worse when I’m under stress and take a while to calm down.

I loathe getting gifts and said repeatedly to The Father that this Christmas was in itself my Christmas gift, let me do it my way and it was. Most of the family was here, there were piles of gifts, all inexpensive ( except for the one ‘big one’ for each child) and so thoughtful it would simply make Scrooge gag. It was a fine evening. And while Opa loved his CD’s, what both Oma and Opa appreciated most was having a Christmas all together with their rather boisterous family once again, a Christmas of the sort they have not had the energy to arrange for the last few years. I could give them a family Christmas. Pow ! That is some present.

I mentioned under the photo of The Baby and Danique that both of my parents were only children, which means I haven’t any Aunts or Uncles or cousins. My Grandmother’s names were Bucky and Frenchy. Grandmothers with names like Bucky and Frenchy don’t bake Christmas cookies, believe me. I have always envied big, rowdy families, littered with Aunts, Uncles, children, Grandparents. Families like The Father’s. In fact, my Dad calls them ‘The Waltons’.

And we had a perfect Walton Christmas and I hope that we can every year from now on. But perhaps I should start preparing for it a bit earlier.

Like next week.

  1. cassie-b Said,

    My only family (not counting my husband’s family) consists of 3 people, and that’s not a big family. I really appreciate my husband’s extended family, and this year, even liked my gifts – mostly food, wine and gift certificates. I suppose Oma and Opa are grandparent names.

    Hope you have a Happy New Year – all of it.


  2. Catherine Said,

    So glad everything went so very pleasantly, and hope you recover soon. Got nice plans for New Year’s Eve?

  3. sue Said,

    Catherine ! I’m much better today- first day that I didn’t wake up feeling like cold dog vomit.

    While broad hints were dropped that we should supply the family’s New Year’s Eve entertainment as well, Han and I played stupid and shall be eating Oliebollen with the kids and watching TV.

    What about you ? Fancy night in the nig city planned ? You must be able to see wonderful fireworks.

    I love fireworks. Sniff.

  4. Catherine Said,

    Hello you! Glad you’re feeling better – I normally feel like some hot coffee when I wake up, but each to their own.

    Oh good for you, playing dumb. We should have a nice evening in too, but accompanied by a few fairly low-maintenance family members. If we walked up the hill we could see fireworks for miles around, but I doubt that we will (someone would have to stay back and babysit), so we’ll just hear them.

  5. Ann Said,

    Isn’t it amazing what we do to ourselves in order to create the perfect Christmas?! My kids are now about twice the age of yours, but I remember Christmas mornings where I would literally feel shaky from exhaustion. I think I’ve finally figured out how to keep only the most important traditions alive without turning into the Grinch, but it took many years to perfect this. No magic… just selective elimination, lol. I’m positive all your work was worth it though – it sounds like you had many contented relatives. (Hope they each offered to bring a covered dish!)

  6. sue Said,

    I think you are right Ann- I for one would never dream of doing all that I did and then trying to make some complicated dinner on top of it all. Anyone who comes here gets a cold buffet, filled with Dutch yummies like smoked eels ( which, by the way, should be served at room temperature), herring, various types of shrimp- you get the idea.

    Another thing in which I am very lucky about is that I get along well with all of the in-laws. Some of the things that I have read…. well, make me understand why some people dread Christmas.

    But it still surprises me how very tired it all left me. I wasn’t expecting that at all…

  7. sue Said,

    Catherine- catch you tomorrow. You can guess what I was doing this afternoon ( re : my little room of my own)

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