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I Vant To Be Alone…

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Dec-9-2003

The Father took off this morning for East Germany. He will be back late tomorrow night. I am taping the Ajax game for him right at this very moment. The one second that I looked in on it, the other side scored. Better not check again.

Sometimes, I like it when he is gone for the night. I don’t really know why, for I like him fine and we get along well. But sometimes, I just like being by myself, doing what I want to do.

Well, ‘by myself’ once the dogs, cats and fish are fed, and the children are all tucked into bed. Then it is like a small holiday- perhaps from my self-imposed routine- who knows. Look ! I can go to bed early, stay up late, watch mindless shows, do whatever I want.

Not that I can’t do so normally.

How very odd.

But nice.

  1. Julie Said,

    I dont find it odd … I think is just a sense of
    your own space…. I understand exaclty what you mean… having a change of routine is nice…kind
    of like exhaling… ( ahhhhh ) …. well enjoy your nite Sue…. Julie :)

  2. Angel Said,

    I too can completely relate – when I was married (OMG it feels soo good yet odd to say that! *L*) I used to beg E to go visit someone/anyone for a night!

  3. Catherine Said,

    Poor Han – so sorry about Ajax.

  4. sue Said,

    Catherine: it gets worse.For the good of the whole, guess who was rooting for which team last night ?

    Oh, how times do indeed change….

    You know, I think you should let Karen in on that shop by Kevin’s. I suspect you and she have more in common than french. I suspect that she is a pastry person as well…

    ( the thought alone makes my teeth hurt…)

  5. Catherine Said,

    Well I might need a bit of help with this, but were you both deportivo la coruna (?) fans last night?

    Oh! you weren’t rooting for Lokamitiv Moscow to assist Inter Milan in going through were you?

    I will spread the word about the pastry place with evangelical zeal. (Callum still cannot believe that there exists someone who does not like pastry – and that I have met her.)

  6. sue Said,

    Catrherine- it goes beyond words . We were actually sending all bad wishes and nasty vibes to Deportivo ( for the good of the whole, dontcha know).

    But it was done without much… enthusiasm.

  7. Catherine Said,

    Well you’ve got me beat – unless any Dutch team going through, even th*m, is better then none?

  8. sue Said,

    Terrible, I know, but true. Han must be getting old.

  9. Catherine Said,

    Wow yes – and mellowing with age. It’s what we two do though, once Arsenal have been knocked out (cheer for the other UK teams no matter how irritating they are, that is, not cheer for P**).

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