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My Little Room Of My Own

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Dec-29-2003

The status of my little room of my own has been resolved. To refresh memories, the status of the room came into question when ‘someone’ decided to buy a computer ( rather than a laptop, which had my vote, and despite my very precise and strongly worded objections : I don’t want another computer in my room) and the only place to put it is here, in my very own little room.

The room will not become the generic computer room, or perhaps ‘the office’. It remains my room.

This resolution did not come easily, peacefully. But some things are worth a confrontation or two.

And my little room of my own is one of them.

  1. Catherine Said,


  2. Julie Said,

    Hope you get to keep your “own” space …enjoy
    your new years eve… Julie … Happy 2004

  3. sue Said,

    Oh, it’s mine now for sure, Julie. Since I rarely make a fuss about anything – I hate scenes- ‘someone’was rather surprised and very sulky for a while. But I have explained that having my own little room doesn’t mean other people can’t come into it, be in it. It means that it is my room and if I want a trinket box on my table, no one has any right to say one word.

    It’s is all very clear. To soothe the savage beast, though, I’m cleaning the new computer. 9 Trojans. Couldn’t wait a few days…

    Oh well, at least it’s not my computer.

    Hope you have a fine, fine holiday !

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