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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Dec-5-2003

‘Well,’ said The Father, ‘ The Boy has to do this project about old Dutch music’.

Today when The Father came home from work, he called to me and said ‘ I’ve got something for you’. He said that in that tone of voice which implied that it was a gift. And indeed it was: there on the coffee table were the remaining 14 bootlegs of Opa’s. And I reacted as if I had indeed received a gift – although I must admit, while I may have come close to it, I did not quite jump up and down. But I have them, I have all of the tapes. “‘I’m so in for this’, I said. ( I shall admit it now, I have found myself swaying from side to side, to the tune of an accordion playing. What, I wonder, happened to all of those accordion players ? Are they all now receiving unemployment money?)

Since The Boy was our cover, we filled him in on his role in this caper. ‘Uh,’ he said” isn’t this a lie ?’

“Uh, yes. It is.’

  1. Julie Said,

    Well ONE played at the wedding of Willam Alexander and Maxima … haha…my one cousin
    played an accordion at my parents wedding….
    as I look back I see “dutchy” things in my
    family now … like my mom calling her parents
    ma and pa… that was the norm in america…
    I think my grandmother was from the nothern
    area in HOlland…but with a last name like
    DeVriese its pretty common…ah well good luck
    with your project … and dont SWAY too hard Sue
    haha… Julie :)

  2. Julie Said,

    *meant to say that WASNT the norm in america….

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