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A Son’s Wrath

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jan-22-2004

The Boy is pissed off royal at me. I won’t let him go and spread around some fliers that he has made, in which he offers a 10.50 euro reward for anyone capturing and then delivering a werewolf to our home.

I’m not sure that I called this correctly. After all, what harm is there ?

Unless, of course, there really are werewolves.

( Of course, I just went and told him that I was wrong. He could go. What, by the way, are we going to do if someone brings us a werewolf ? Oh, keep it in the graveyard behind our house. And…and…it can play with Buddy and Elvis. Ask a stupid question…)

  1. sue Said,

    Ha ! ShootThe Boy’s werewolf ?

    I found out that he delivered his fliers to his favorite stores in town.

    You know what happens next, of course ? He will be sitting on pins and needles waiting for someone to bring him a werewolf… Thank goodness that it is just now a new moon ( go ahead, ask me how I know this- it’s on The Boy’s Simpsons calender…)

  2. Brian Said,

    When I was 9 or 10, I read a few of the “Encyclopedia Brown” books, which are light mysteries written for that age group. I was bitten by the “be a detective bug” and made a large paper sign reading “Mysteries Solved $5″ and put it up on the front of our house, just like Encyclopedia Brown.

    My father took it down as soon as he saw it.

    A career in crime-fighting thwarted before it could even begin.

  3. Julie Said,

    Hahaha … Sue… my son when he was about 8 wrote a letter to George Lucas letting him know
    he had a great idea for his next movie..even tho
    I knew big deal he prob wont even read the letter
    we sent if off anyway….it sure made him feel good to see it go in the mailbox… and now at
    25 years old we laugh at that from time to time..
    Needless to say .. my sons idea wasnt his next
    StarWars movie… hahaha
    p.s. Oh why did Mike want a werewolf any way ? :)

  4. sue Said,

    Julie, I haven’t a clue why he wants one, although it seems that he pictures a werewolf as looking more like a wolf/ dog than the pictures I have in mind from such classic films as ‘I was a teenage werewolf’…

  5. Kinuk Said,

    I love it! Such a great imagination!

    Besides, they’re only werewolves for about 3 nights of the year.

    You could always get some silver bullets. ;)

  6. Karan Said,

    Be prepared….this sort of stuff is newsworthy and if The Netherlands is like the US, some local paper will pick up the story of his quest and you’ll have a reporter show up on your doorstep!

  7. sue Said,

    Brian, my first reaction was a concern about other people. But then I realised that he’s a little boy, that this is what little boys do, it’s obvious from his fliers that a little boy made them- so, in a town of 1600- what’s the harm ?

    And everyone he gave them to knows him by name ! Small town life, I suppose…

  8. Julie Said,

    Sue … I think its funny about how he came to the
    price of,.. 10.50… and yes he is young and should use his creativity I think its wonderful
    and Im sure the others did too… lets hope you
    dont get too many on your doorstep tho .. hahah

  9. Anne Said,

    Where I live, we are sometimes bombarded with teenagers selling magazines door to door. These people are awfully hard to get rid of. I shouldn’t think you’d want a werewolf getting hold of your address, they’d be even harder to get rid of. And god only knows what they would try to sell you. ;)

  10. sue Said,

    Julie- 10.50 is exactly every penny in his ‘piggy bank ‘-

    I will be talking with him more about this today. I’m curious why he wants one so badly and if he is aware- like Kinuk pointed out- that it’s only a werewolf a few days out of the month.

  11. sue Said,

    Anne, at first I was concerned about our address being on his flier as well, until I realised that everyone in town knows where he lives anyways. Most shop keepers even know our phone number.

    Yes, this village is a larger version of ‘Cheers’.

  12. Catherine Said,


  13. sue Said,

    Catherine- this is right up there with the time that he wanted a goat….

    Does Callum ever come up with these sorts of … unusual…. desires ? Maybe it’s a boy thing ?

  14. Catherine Said,

    Kevin’s nephew, when he was three, announced that he wanted a chicken for Christmas. He didn’t drop it – every time he was asked what he wanted, he replied that he wanted a real live chicken.

    Finally his parents had to tell him – it wouldn’t be fair on the chicken to keep a real live chicken in their house.

    ‘OK,’ he said ‘I’ll have a dead one then’.

  15. Marjan Said,

    Maybe Mike would settle for a dead werewolf?
    When is the next full moon?

  16. Daisy Said,

    Oh Sue, that is such a lovely tale. I hope you’re still blogging in 10-15 years time so that we can hear what a wonderful man Mike has become.

  17. sue Said,

    Catherine- that’s great ! You really have to watch the logic you use with a child, don’t you ?

    As we are only a few days into the new moon ( Mike is tracking this), I was able to talk with Mike today about how most of the time a werewolf wasn’t a werewolf, but a person. Only a few days of the month was it an actual werewolf. He got the point.

    Now, to see what happens when the new moon rolls around….

  18. sue Said,

    ( In fact Catherine, one part of me is wondering if Chicken McNuggets would do….)

  19. mike himself Said,

    still can’t belive how stupid i was back then (now also but..):P

  20. Catherine Said,

    Mike! Hello!

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