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Feest !

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jan-30-2004

With The Father gone, I am coming a bit out of my usual torpor and trying to do some different, more special things in the house. The Boy is quite glum about The Father’s absence, even though- when I faced the sad eyed lad- at 5 pm The Father is never home unless it is the weekend and so his absence at 5 was, well, the norm.

So tonight we had pizza. The Father will not eat cheese, period, and while it is quite simple to find a pizza without cheese in Viareggio, it is impossible here. I haven’t had pizza for months, so I spent an enormous amount of energy trying to decide what we should get. The children wanted some calzone, which they had the last time the baby-sitter was here. I’m a bit of a purist, not liking meat on a pizza- oh, what to do, what to do. Expecting that the dogs would enjoy some pizza and calzone, I ordered one of each. I had about a third of the pizza, and the children went through the rest like a plague of locusts. Zoomp ! It’s gone, sorry, puppos.

Tonight, they are all going to sleep together in The Girl’s room. I have made it clear that this will only happen when there is no school the next day . The Girl and best friend dragged the mattresses from Baby’s room over to Girl’s today.

I wonder if anyone will sleep ?

  1. Julie Said,

    Han a dutch man and not liking cheese ?….ah one
    of Wim’s brothers doesnt either…Wim doesnt care
    for melted cheese but does like pizza so Im happy
    with that :) …. Sounds like a pajama party there
    tonite… wooow!!! I think you will have only
    a little sleep.. some but not much.. ah well those
    are great memories for the kids … enjoy it …
    and the weekend… have fun .. :)

  2. lynn Said,

    and the nice thing is: they will remember this day forever – pizza, mattresses, the whole bit. these are the unexpected spontaneous detours from routine that kids talk about decades later…:-)

  3. sue Said,

    Lynn, I shall make it even more saccharine : when I was getting them ready to go to bed- a bit early, as I had to get up tomorrow at 7 for Mike’s football- the phone rang. Mike’s football was canceled. We actually polonaised around the kitchen and they could stay up for another half hour.

    You do know, don’t you, that I am very aware that this is the best of times ?

  4. Julie Said,

    awee Lynn,I think you are right just spontaneous
    detours from daily routines of life.. I remeber
    sitting on my front steps with my best friend
    next door at nite in the summer with pjs on
    trying to find sputnik in the sky …being outside
    in your pjs was a BIG deal … haha … well
    Sue have a ball this weekend … they grow up
    too darn fast … :)

  5. lynn Said,

    yes. :-) i know you’re aware. it shines through all the time, and the best bit is that your posts bring back memories of the fun these ages were.
    sometimes, i recalled last night, they remember things just a wee bit differently than i do though. one night, years ago, chasing thijs around the living room in order to hustle him up to bed, he tripped by the windowsill and stumbled into the cactus. he referred to this for YEARS, much to my chagrin, as the time i “pushed him into the cactus”, preferably when the room was full of birthday company….hmm.

  6. Julie Said,

    hahah we were talking of an old story the other day something like that too… when my son was about 5,6,7 around that age he fell off his bike
    and we took him to the emergency room to have him
    checked out … the nurse said to him… “Teddy
    when does it hurt you ” he replied … “when my
    Daddy hits me” needless to say I looked and his
    Dad .. his Dad looked at me … like what the heck… it was in those days they started to
    let social services know things like that… his
    Daddy never hit him …I phoned him to remind him
    of that story and he said ..”Mom I was just telling Becky that story too” ( his girlfriend )…now at 25 years old… we do have a laugh over those things…
    the things children say aye??… hahhha .. :)

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