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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jan-31-2004

A few years ago, I used to read this blog by this woman. It was and still is a fine blog, but my interests have sortof changed, so I don’t stop by there anymore. But she wrote something a year or so ago that has always stuck in my mind. In this piece, she was basically complaining that Dutch children seemed to think that the perfect meal was a schnitzel with apple sauce and fries. Or a Happy Meal. She then went on to talk about the various and exotic foods that she grew up eating and wondered where the eating culture in the Netherlands was heading to.

I didn’t really agree with her, but who was I to question her authority ?

But that piece came to mind this morning, when I asked the kids what they wanted for dinner. When The Father is gone, I let them choose what we will have for dinner.

We didn’t have Happy Meals tonight, nor did we feast on schnitzels, apple sauce and fries. We had penne with a carbonara sauce, a salad and french bread.

  1. Julie Said,

    BRAVOOOOO … hehehe …. since living here i find
    alot of people here watch each others plates too much … at home it seemed you ate what you liked and no one cared … here if they dont like something its such a big deal…. it seems sometimes they dont want to open their minds to
    other things… ah well.. I dont care I just
    reply …. “well its my stomach its going into”
    for example sometimes I do like tea with milk and
    sugar … ( Im half english ) sometimes I dont…
    when they see me with the milk its .. BAH BAH
    and then I just give my standard reply ..
    I dont pay too much attention what others eat and
    drink… who cares lifes too short..
    but your dinner sounds wonderful :)

  2. lynn Said,

    oh oh…
    i wish i’d been invited: that’s MY favourite too!!!

  3. sue Said,

    Lynn, it really was good, if I must say so myself. I’m always surprised at how simple the recipe is- why would anyone buy it in a jar ?

  4. Edwinek Said,

    Wow, your kids have taste! With some children I know, you’d have had Nutella sandwiches…

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