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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jan-13-2004

I’ve started work-work again, nothing brain-straining, simply converting the company catalogues into a web site. Doesn’t require me to have a creative bone in my body, I’m supplied with all of the graphics from their printed catalogues.

And listen to this ( and cringe) : I’m using tables, and…and I may just use frames.

Having said all of this, I must admit that I am extremely pleased with the ‘index’ page that I have put together. I actually like it, which is very unusual for me when it comes to my work-work.

A bright side to a day dreary in all ways.

( I know, I know- I still have to push the top down on this page. Well, I don’t feel like fiddling with stinking CSS right now).

  1. Edwinek Said,

    Tables are OK, but frames? Naughty girl! Just remember that clients may want to bookmark a particular page, which frames will prevent them to do.

  2. sue Said,

    Edwin, you weasel. Of course, you are right. I suppose it is only laziness on my part- aren’t frames- after all- the easiest way to deal with navigation.

    By the by, Han liked my index as well. But let’s be honest- given my week, would he really say ‘this sucks ! ‘

    Nepotism does indeed begin at home. And aren’t tables just so stinking simple ?

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