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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Feb-18-2004

Carnaval begins at the end of this week, and for some reason, I find find myself feeling exquisitely crotchety about the whole gedoe.

Now, I have never done Carnaval. The Father did, up until the year that I moved in with him. When the first Carnaval that I could have witness rolled around, I asked him if we were going to do Carnaval. He replied- rather virtuously- that the whole point of Carnaval was to get laid. No, we wouldn’t be doing Carnaval. And so we never have.

Now it is upon us once again. The Baby will be wearing a some- sort- of- cat costume that Dad brought over, The Girl is still squabbling with her group as to what to wear ( tick-tock- tick- tock, this is sure to explode soon) , and The Boy wants to go as a ghoul and requested green face paint. I picked some up at the drug store.

Our quiet little town will be crawling with drunks from the boonies wearing party hats who leave piles of vomit in the nooks of our alleys, who tread over the tops of cars wearing steel reinforced work – shoes ( ever wonder why we keep The Father’s car in our yard ? ) and park their cars wherever they damn well please.

I had toyed with the idea of going to the Big City this Friday- The Father tells me that he is taking Friday off. And then I thought, well, shit, it will be Carnaval, Big City bursting with people in costume, marching bands, singing and dancing in the streets.

I went shopping in the Big City last year, during Carnaval. On the plus side: I had the stores to myself. On the downside : as I watched a large group gathering to parade through town I was enclosed within the feeling of what an outsider I was, how isolated, insubstantial, a mere reflection on a plate glass window. Wishing that I was a part of it all as well, that I could dance in the streets wearing an idiotic hat.

No, I’m feeling very ornery about Carnaval this year, but wait : this is sure to become worse as the years go by. When the precious children want to go to the Big City to celebrate Carnaval.

(…the whole point of carnaval was to get laid…)

  1. Marjan Said,

    Well I disagree with Han! Carnaval is not about getting laid, or even about getting drunk!
    (There are 3 days a year that I regret my choice of partner, I married a man who hates carnaval… So I am stuck at home again this year!)

  2. sue Said,

    Bah !

    Humbug !

  3. Julie Said,

    I dont get the pointe to it either .. :| ……help me out …

  4. lynn Said,

    my family, after all these years, knows better than to even MENTION the word “carnaval” in my presence. i dislike forced gaiety, and i dislike the polonaise, and i dislike drunk & disorderly because the bible says “yup, now it’s okay”. i also thoroughly dislike the silly clothing. i was pleased to move to the north of holland and escape it, though here we have luilak, which pisses me off too, as IT’S just an excuse for vandalism. yeah. indeed. humbug. :-)

  5. sue Said,

    Lynn- I’m trusting your spelling on this one, as I am a notorious bad- speller.

    You lived in Maastricht before …?

  6. Julie Said,

    lynn … I have to agree with you on drunk and
    disordely …Im not into that at all…Its like
    down in New Orleans … I would never go there in a million years its terrible …everyone peeing in public and showing their boobs…Im so not into
    all of that …I dont like people out of controll like that… Oh Sue I asked Wim tonite whats that pointe of it all .. his reply “hmmm not sure getting drunk I guess”…. hes not into it either

  7. lynn Said,

    when i first came to holland, i ended up in breda, where my husband was studying at the time. he loved it there; i never did. in alkmaar i felt like myself again, dunno why…and still do. (and, as you know, in a’dam i feel TOTALLY happy.)

  8. Julie Said,

    Good lynn … its good to love your surroundings…I like it here in Hengelo.. its pretty with lots of GREEN …lots of woods and farms etc… :)

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