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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Feb-12-2004

I know that a lot of people now have their sites under this ‘creative commons’ or something logo. I decided not to enter that swamp a long time ago, for when I scanned it- briefly, as I do all things and therefore certainly got it all wrong- I seem to recall that it said that my words would be set in stone. That I could never change them.

Well, today I changed a post, what I thought was a harmless one, posted very long ago. I changed the title to this post and deleted the almost 40 comments following it. The original title was ‘Hate Dogs ?’ and…well, people actually do Google searches on just that title. The comments were getting more and more…. well, graphic and violent. And at my place, of all places.

And so, I reserve the right to change any word that I have ever written…at any time at all.

I am not Jehovah, writing on stone tablets, after all.

  1. David (TEFL Smiler) Said,

    The original’s still cached in Google, of course.

    I’ve just read the comments. Wow, there are some stupid people out there!

    I get the impression that Google focuses especially on the text we write as our post headings/titles. (I don’t know if anyone can say if that’s technically accurate?)

  2. sue Said,

    David, twice before I had simply cleaned out the comments, but after that pg woman and the guy with the recipe book, I realised that the post was just a magnet for weirdos.

    I don’t know about the titles thing. If I stop getting the dog h***ters of the world stopping by, it might shed some light on things-

    Oh, and sorry to hear about Italy. I admit, I don’t know that I have checked on things as of today ( when I check on things I have about 1-1.5 minute to do so) but I think you were right to drop it- bad start there-

  3. David (TEFL Smiler) Said,

    Cheers, Sue!

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