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Dog Day

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Feb-23-2004

Today in town.


The kids have this week off. On the plus side, I enjoy a week without getting up at 6.45 am, on the down side, by Wednesday we will all probably be driving each other nuts.

Except for a couple of hail showers, we have had fine, sunny weather today. And so, I worked on brushing the dogs and then The Girl and I took them to the dikes for a walk. Note the jacket : it is my protest symbol. You see, it is The Father’s jacket. He hasn’t washed the dogs ( his job, in the complicated division of household duties here in casa kitchen ) for months and they go beyond reeking. And so, when ever I’m doing anything with the dogs, I wear his jacket.

Not going to stink mine up, after all.

In the photo, from left to right : elvis, me, buddy.

  1. Moi Said,

    Erm…all your images are broken. I can’t see any of your thumbnails at all :(

  2. sue Said,

    Moi, I’m working on trying to prevent hot-linking. Let me run over to your place and see what URL you are using for me.

  3. sue Said,

    Well, I’m in contact with the technical people from my host ( ?) to try and figure this all out. I can’t. Even after cleaning out my cache, I see the images !

    But I can see that a lot of 403 errors are going out…

    Now, what is a 403 error…

  4. Kinuk Said,

    I can see them! They are cuuuute. No 403 errors for me.

    Does this help?

  5. sue Said,

    Moi, the tech people sent me this question :

    If the user is using a web anonymizer or something similar that is
    blocking the referrer url then the hot link prevention would block
    requests. Could you check to see if she is using something like that?

    I’m wondering if this is modern sanskrit or an offshoot of finnish…

  6. Julie Said,

    I can see them and they are HUGE ..w owow
    Sue Ive been meaning to tell you this.. I really
    enjoy the werewolf moon.. I think its really interesting to watch..:)

  7. Catherine Said,

    Hooray – lovely to see you!

  8. sue Said,

    Just be glad that photos don’t carry scents !

    And aren’t they simply your worst nightmare ?

  9. Catherine Said,

    Sorry Elvis, sorry Buddy – but yes, they certainly are!

  10. sue Said,

    Fortunately, Catherine, the smell is even beginning to bother Han. And wait until he sees his jacket ! It was cold out there, brushing the dogs and that velcro is simply a magnet for hair.

    Does Callum ever mention wanting a pet ? Besides that chicken, of course.

  11. Dorothy Said,

    Could the pups be any cuter!!! You all look great. I’m hoping to have a ball of fur myself, before the year is out. I’m just starting to hunt for a great pyr.

  12. sue Said,

    Dorothy, if you get a pyr, you simply must take scads of photos. As a child ( ok, I was a teenager) I always wanted 2 dogs : a newf and a pyr…sortof the economy sized version of those two scotties.

    And Dorothy, I’m afraid that you shall tread the row I did : try to find the best blood lines that you can afford. With these big dogs, it really is so important. Emotionally speaking.

    Having said that, I chose the ‘old lines’, dogs with a history of poorer health ( heart, elbows). Although Elvis is really the ‘new type’,what do you know.

    I’m excited. Bore me with the details. I love reading pedigrees. I’ve heard that with Pyrs, one must watch for aggression ?

    But aren’t they pretty ?

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