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Mr. Ed

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Feb-28-2004

It’s quiet here today. The Girl and The Boy are spending the afternoon at the stables where Girl rides. Lately, she has been spending Saturdays there with Best Friend. But Best Friend ‘s family did something interesting during this week long vacation and Best Friend has yet to return to our little town.

And so The Girl convinced The Boy to go with her. She put her old riding boots on him, packed up her case with brushes and hoof picks ( what do I know ?) and off they went. They will spend the afternoon brushing ponies and helping the younger children saddle up their horses. I am curious how The Boy liked it. Or didn’t.

They both love animals of all sorts, but The Girl is just ‘better’ with them than The Boy. Not really ‘better’, just bossier, and animals seem to appreciate that. She can go out in the yard, munching on a sandwich and tell the dogs to sit and they do. In the last week, Elvis knocked The Boy over twice. The Girl always rides the most pig-headed ponies and horses. She finds a pony without a mind of it’s own boring. She would have made a great camp guard.

Chit-chatting with The Father, I say that I wonder how The Boy is , if he likes it . The Father, being the practical father, tells me that he told The Boy that if he likes it, he can start riding with The Girl on Tuesdays.

There are- he told The Boy- a lot of pretty girls at the stable .

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