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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Feb-24-2004

(Last night-)

Mummy Dearest : Someone is hot linking me and I’m really annoyed.

The Father : If the Internet annoys you so much, don’t go on.

Mummy Dearest : Well, that’s just like me saying don’t watch football if it upsets you so much when Ajax loses ( not, of course, that they ever do).

We actually have three TV’s in our house : one in the kitchen that the children use, one in the living room and one in the playroom. The one in the playroom appears somewhere on that long list of things that have yet to be done in our happy home. Perhaps snuggled between connect- the- heating- for- the- upstairs and paint- the- kitchen, like hook- the- kids- TV- in- the- playroom- up.

Usually, none of this poses any problem, as the kids go to bed at 8.30 on school nights. But now it is vacation , they can stay up until 10 ( all except The Baby). They are going to watch an Eddie Murphy film tonight, a real thigh slapper, I am sure, in the kitchen. For me, Eddie Murphy films are not unlike brushing the dogs : lots of farts and belchy noises.

The Father- who is football’s biggest fan- is going to be watching football tonight in the living room. I stopped watching football the day that Ajax’s biggest fan had his first child and needed someone to keep the cherub quiet. And while I have been known to watch a game or two since that blessed event almost 11 years ago, I really don’t give a hoot about the game tonight, which- I believe- is Bayern vs. Real Madrid. But I could be wrong on that and I’m certainly too lazy to look it up now. Really, run all of the way downstairs to check the TV guide. Suffice it to say it is nothing I would be sorry to miss.

So here I am, poor little me. My little sewing box with pieces of the new quilt just waiting to be made whole again, and no where to sit. I like to listen to something as I sew.

I suppose that I can just find a book. And read.

( Poor little martyr that I am…)

  1. Catherine Said,

    Poor little you indeed!

  2. sue Said,

    Eh, he put a tape on, even though I insisted – in my best I- don’t- mind voice- that he watch football.

    Not that Ajax is there, but I have heard that you are. Bravo.

    He also told me that P*v is in the UEFA cup. I said, well, p*ss on that. I don’t care if they are dutch, I simply can’t and shan’t root for them.

    He gave me his full sympathy.

  3. Julie Said,

    hahahha :r good one .. 1 for us
    0 for them

  4. melanie Said,

    what does hot link mean? you know, the one thing about blogs that gets me, is how they get unwelcome guests…

    & I love to quilt too! it is the one art-form that I can actually translate into reality from the dream in my head – perhaps we can do a trans-atlantic quilt?

  5. Catherine Said,

    Good for Han – and hope his back gets better soon. I hope he’s proud of your anti-P** fervour! Thanks – Arsenal are still there and managed to win away in Spain for the first time in oh, a thousand years on Tuesday. It’s still not beyond us to drop out at this stage (if I close my eyes I can still see us being thrashed 3-0 at home in the opening stages of the competition) but – olĂ©! (that’s spanish, you know)

  6. sue Said,

    Spanish ! Your many talents never cease to amaze me !
    Han mentioned Arsenal last night, as ‘we’caught the tail end of the Manchester game.

    He doesn’t think much of Manchester at all, much prefers Arsenal.

    Afraid that I have woken up on the wrong side of the bed today . Would Callum like some older siblings ?

    I really need to get out of this house, this town for a few hours…

  7. Catherine Said,

    You know, I think Callum would love some older siblings, as long as there was no danger that they would (a) play with his toys or (b) attract any of his parents’ attention away from him. What do you think?

    And poor you – I hope you get some time to yourself soon.

    Han, of course, has great taste – Man U had a very bad night last night though. I just hope Arsenal can keep our form for the rest of the season – we let it slip away last year.

  8. sue Said,

    While Mike would love a little brother, Meg would want all of the toys. Oh well.

    We have spent the afternoon dealing with the towns future- hooligans. They have been pelting our windows with snowballs and going after Mike everytime he steps outside of the door.

    In fact, I had the pleasure of going over to she- who- once- yelled -at- me and asking her to get the boys to lay off.

    At least I’m not bored anymore. ( he-he : be careful what you wish for…)

  9. sue Said,

    Mel, I’m afraid that I haven’t an artistic bone in my body : I just am fond of rather strong graphics and that is why I like patchwork.

    Do you do patchwork or applique ?

  10. Catherine Said,

    oh my, you are brave – was she reasonable?

  11. sue Said,

    She was ok. What could she do ? I had a tearful Mike, covered with the remnants of snowballs. She did, however, seem to think that there wasn’t much that she could do about it.

    Oddly enough, in a vague effort to scare them off, I snapped a picture of one of them throwing a snowball at our window. He was quite annoyed when he saw my camera.

    I simply assumed that the picture showed nothing ( my windows are- after all- super-duper dirty). Out of curiosity, I just looked at it. It actually came out quite recognizable.

    We will see. If it continues, I shall simply call the police. Han calls them all of the time.

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