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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Feb-25-2004

First cooking, now sewing, next I’ll be giving stain- removal tips, I know…

However, I have just started a new quilt and while I won’t pretend to give quilting lessons, I wouldn’t mind showing how I do it. Mind you, it usually takes me about 2 years to make a quilt…

Once the guy from the KPN ( March 5, am I counting the days ?) comes by and straightens out my computer, quilting stuff will be thrown over on the right, by the puppies and other such things.

Until then….

I started quilting when I was about 18. This doesn’t mean that I have made a lot of quilts, for it takes me a very long time to finish one. That is why I started quilting : Bucky’s convent education left it’s mark in a busy- hands- are- happy- hands atmosphere our home. Yes, as well as being able to cut a fine balk, as a child I was taught to knit, crochet, do fine embroidery ( ‘the back should be as tidy as the front’) , you name it, I learned it. I even know how to darn a sock, but who wants to ?

When doilies and antimacassars went out of fashion, I found myself fidgeting about in the evenings, not knowing what to do with my hands. Quilting seemed to be the perfect thing for me, they take forever and you can always use a blanket.

Patchwork appeals to my fondness of geometrical figures, although one day I might do an applique quilt , for they show off the fine feathered rings nicely.

The quilt that I am starting uses the pattern Storm at Sea. It is a pattern I have wanted to do for a long time, and in fact bought the material for years and years ago. Even then, I couldn’t decide what shades of blue to use and so bought a light, a medium and a dark blue. I ended up using the medium blue for The Boy’s baby quilt, so I’m left with a very light and a very dark blue. I am beginning to think that the light blue won’t work after all, that it will wash into the white, but, well, this is a blanket, not one of life’s big decisions.

Once I have picked out my pattern I then have to decide what setting I want to use:

this setting


this setting.

The next thing that I will do will be to break down the block and rescale it. I tend to like blocks on a smaller scale than usually used. Lots of math involved.

  1. eliz Said,

    Ooh! That’s precisely the pattern I thought. Have fun with your stitchery. In total awe here.

  2. Daisy Said,

    I don’t know if it’s me but I can’t see the picture and I really would like to.

    I’d love to start quilting, have bought books in the past but never made the time so it will be lovely to watch your work progress.

  3. Bridget Said,

    Do you machine or hand piece?

  4. sue Said,

    Bridget, I hand- everything : I’m not in a rush.

    Daisy, things should be ok now.

  5. jo Said,

    So you will break this design down into a series of smaller pieces that will comprise the same pattern? For instance that black diamond on the middle side on the right will really be made up of multiple pieces that make the diamond?
    Can’t wait to see the progress.

  6. sue Said,

    Jo, what you are pointing out is the tricky part of the setting that I want to use.

    Since it takes me so long to do a quilt, and since I have said that I’m not really giving lessons, the setting will be solved next week.

    It’s really not that tricky at all.

  7. Bridget Said,

    Keep us posted on your progress. I’m a quilter but I piece and quilt on the machine – the faster the better – currently working on a fruit and vegetable 9 patch.

  8. Karin Said,

    Oh, that’s a gorgeous pattern! I’ve always wanted to quilt. I tell myself that once the kids are teenagers I’ll buy myself a good sewing machine, and start quilting. There are lots of places to classes round here too, so it’s a good social thing, right up my alley!

  9. Daisy Said,

    They are indeed ok and that’s a lovely pattern.

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