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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Feb-5-2004

Having had a few hours to sit on all of this, I have decided to view GP’s diagnosis as ‘tentative’. I have fair reasons to do so.

I have another blood test in April, and so, I’m basically going to forget about this until then. I am quite skilled at sticking my head in the sand.Oh, I’ll keep the ‘correct foods’ in mind, but they aren’t too far off from what I eat anyways.

Plus fussing and fretting for three months certainly can’t help anything at all.

  1. Bridget Said,

    Try to loose a few pounds. Walk. Drink lots of water. Try to ease up on the carbohydrates a little. Be really, really good for a few days before the next blood test and be fasting for it – from 8:00 the previous night.

    You’ll be fine.

  2. deneen Said,

    It is the starches you eat that get the blood sugar going up,up and away! My husband can eat a piece of cake or some other sugary thing and his blood sugar doesn’t move. But a couple of crackers or some potatoes and away it goes!

  3. sue Said,

    bridget, thanks for your words. You know, since I spent a long time in the tropics, and then ended up digging in the Near East- I am always drinking water, throughout the day – old habit. And while I’m about ten pounds more then I like to weigh, well, as you age, it looks more like 40.

    This is just out of left field for me. Most likely, though, because I am so stinking ignorant.

  4. sue Said,

    Thanks, Deneen. It is totally weird to me, for I really don’t have a sweet tooth at all. My name is Sue, I can live without chocolate.

    But I do indeed like pasta, rice , and certain sorts of bread.

    What a weird thing.

    From what I looked at today, it could also be related to other familial traits, but you know, I just don’t feel like reading the latest edition of the Merc Manual right now.

    I always- in health matters- go on the assumption that the most common solution is indeed the answer- and so…

    And so go off to sleep.

    What a strange day. But I have my sneezy pills once more and so should be a bit comfy-


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