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Trained To Observe

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Mar-2-2004

The Father : Oh, I see you bought a new coffee pot.

The Father : ( eyebrows raised) A Braun ?

Mummy Dearest : No, not because of that. I never liked the other one. It always dribbled when you poured a cup of coffee.

You see, we have a long standing tradition in the home of Ajax’ biggest fan : we don’t buy Philips. The old pot was indeed a Philips, a gift from his parents.

In fact, the personnel at the very large and busy store in Waalwijk where we bought our kitchen always remember The Father when he comes in. He walks up to the counter and says ‘Hi. I’m The Father. We bought our kitchen here ‘. They reply, ‘Oh the Ajax fan, anything- but- Philips- in- my- kitchen. How can we help you ?’.

They always remember him.

  1. manicat Said,

    You know, Sue, there is a whole lot in life that I would gladly sacrifice, just to have that one, *perfect* coffee pot! So, let me know if this is “it!”

  2. Amelia Said,

    I tried to find out elsewhere why an Ajax fan would boycott Phillips products, but I couldn’t find anything. Please, do tell.

  3. sue Said,

    Amelia, it is very simple : Philips is the sponser for the football team P*V. Arch-rivals and all that.

    I never write the full name. Old- and by now- very stale joke.

  4. Amelia Said,

    Thank you, Sue. Too funny!

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