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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Mar-5-2004

A week or so ago, The Father watched the film Bowling For Columbine. It was on late, too late for me, and so I went upstairs to read.

The film made a great impression upon him. I guess. For you see, he won’t talk to me about it. Not one word. It was on again a few days later and he taped it. The plan is that one Saturday night ( it was supposed to be tomorrow, but one of his Indian friends is visiting right now and taking up his time) we will open a bottle of wine and watch the film together. When it is over, then he wants to talk about it.

I am curious.

Continuing on the topic of our television viewing, last night we were flipping the channels and stumbled upon a few minutes covering the opening of GWB’s campaign. As I dislike unsubtle fiction ( think : It was a dark and stormy night), I loathe unsubtle propaganda. Propaganda is indeed a big word, but all it really means is political advertising. Really, it is just that propaganda is a word that one never uses regarding one’s own country. No, propaganda is always what some other country uses.

Political advertising, that’s all it is.

Having said this, can someone explain to me what relevance a 1950′s diner, something out of ‘Happy Days’, has in this day and age ? Snapshots from the legendary Heartland.

I very much want to see the ads once more.

The myth and mystique being used to manipulate.

  1. Catherine Said,

    I’d be interested in your thoughts, once you’ve seen it. Hope the KPN guy works his magic today.

  2. sue Said,

    Catherine, he has just left. I am in heaven. But now I have to set up the kid’s computer- get rid of IE, get them some security… toss Outlook off.

    But i am one happy bunny here.

  3. Julie Said,

    I havent seen the movie just … saw bits on Oprah
    with Mike Moore … thats his name right? ..let us know what you think … happy viewing ( I hope)

  4. Karan Said,

    We watched Bowling for Columbine and although I agree with many of the issues that Michael Moore supports, I am horrified by his tactics. I find them not only confrontational, but bullying and childish. Above all, I think Michael Moore is an exploitive sensationalist. I was left stunned by Bowling for Columbine and like Han, I needed to sit and think about it for a while.

    But, that’s just me…have fun!

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