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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Apr-1-2004

One rather annoying thing about having all of these allergies is that it is very difficult for me to tell if I’m just experiencing life as I always do or if I have a cold.

I seem to have a cold. In fact, I know that I do. I realized this yesterday, when I noticed that the window washer was doing the window outside of the laundry room. My first instinct was to think, well, shit, I don’t feel like dealing with him today. Now he is a very pleasant man, even gave me a few rides to The Baby’s school. Such utter grumpiness could only be the result of me actually having a cold, not the usual every day sniffling and snuffling that marks the passage of time .

Of course, once I suspected that I was ill, a closer check ( oh you don’t want to know.Mucous is intrinsically gross, dontcha think ?) revealed that yes, indeed I was.

I am now wearing my Camille avatar, longing to eat soup and crawl into bed. Unfortunately, unless I reach the point where I cannot walk, this will not happen. I just stinkin’ have to wait until the weekend, for given an ill-alignment of the stars, there is no way that The Father can take over today.

Oh poor little Mummy Martyr.

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