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That Time Again

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Apr-22-2004

We have tadpoles once more.

I do believe that I enjoy watching tadpoles far more than watching television.

In fact, I know that I do.

  1. Viki Said,

    that is such a cool picture!

    I love watching tadpoles too.. too bad I never see any as much as I did when I was a kid… I knew just where to look. In my grandmothers backyard. Good Times.

  2. Chrysalis Said,

    When I was a boy I used to fish tadpoles out of a creek near our house and raise them in a jar. Their development fascinated me, and my little friends came over each day to check the progress. Sadly, it took a few unfortunate failures before I realized that they need some dry land to crawl onto, when their lungs develop!

  3. sue Said,

    Ha ! Chrys ! The first thing Mike did when Sally brought them home was bring a large, flattish cobblestone, to go in the middle of the dish !

    Then he sat next to me, watching the tadpoles and explained the facts of life to me ( you see, there are these tadpoles…).

    har ! I love it !

  4. sue Said,

    Viki- I spend far too much time watching them ! And fussing about them, I must admit ( my, we have a lot this year. Hmmm, they look hungry…)

    But I enjoy them immensely, I admit.

  5. jo Said,

    They look like some mighty big tadpoles. I also miss hunting for salamanders. I’m gonna have to borrow someone’s kid so I have an excuse.

  6. sue Said,

    Jo : read : zoom !

    Now, go out and get some tadpoles. Put them in a large, shallow container, feed them gold-fish food and water from their ‘natural habitat’( brought to room temperature, of course) and enjoy.

    As they get older, have places that they can crawl onto, out of the water and a piece of screening to put over the top of your container- they will crawl up the sides and jump out, dontcha know.

    There is nothing finer then hanging over tadpoles, watching them grow( but, sh*t, we seem to have an awful lot this year- want some tadpoles ?)

  7. Angel Said,

    Aww man I miss tadpoles and salamanders…. Darn boys don’t even like worms… *sigh* I think they need a little nature education – now to figure were to take them…. hmmmmm

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