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Defenses 101

Posted by Mummy Dearest on May-12-2004

I’m guessing that there is a good chance that The Boy will stay home from school tomorrow. He has already worked himself up into such a state that he is indeed warm, most likely his stomach will start acting up next. I was just telling him downstairs that he was in a no-win situation and that there wasn’t a thing that we could do about it.

The other day, he brought a paper home from school detailing the activities of Sports Day ( tomorrow). The day would begin with all of the children coming to school a half an hour earlier than usual.

With their bikes.

They would then bike off to a town about, oh, 10 kilometers away, to a recreational facility for a day of fun and games. Don’t forget your sneakers ! said the paper.

The Boy still can’t ride a bike. Not really. Oh, he insists that he can, but that is still with training wheels and still a very difficult process , both for him and to watch.
I went as soon as possible- today- and had a talk with his teacher about this. I told Mr.X that there was no way The Boy could bike that far and that The Father had just left for Denmark. What could be done ?

After assuring him that this was not do-able for The Boye, it was decided that The Boy would catch a ride on the back of Mr. X’s bike.

When I picked The Boy up today from his class for the clumsy, I told him that I had solved the Sport’s Day problem for him. When I told him that he would be riding with Mr.X, The Boy was horrified : all of the children will tease me, he said. I told him that he couldn’t help having trouble with his balance, he was just born that way, but The Boy was adamant : he would ride his own bike tomorrow.

As the afternoon has passed here, I can see him getting more sad/ upset as the hours pass. About an hour ago, I told him that no matter what he did, his bike or Mr.X’s, the children were going to make fun of him. Children are like that, Boy, nasty.

If I could just show him that the best defense is a good offense, that might protect him. But I don’t know that he can carry it off, even if he could understand it. With bravado saying he’s the lucky one, he’ll arrive at Sport’s Day all energetic and refreshed.

I expect him to start throwing up soon.

footnote : a few minutes after posting this, I went downstairs and explained the strategy to The Boy. He understood it immediately, calmed down and seems to be going to use the good offense approach.

I don’t think I’ll ever understand him.

But tomorrow morning will tell…

  1. Kinuk Said,

    Good luck to Mike tomorrow! I hope his day is a success and that your suggestions work a treat! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. Levelle Said,

    I hope Mike has a wonderful day. You are right that children can be cruel to each other. Isn’t it amazing how your “mother bear” instinct kicks in when your child is threatened/not treated well in any way. Good luck – hugs – Levelle

  3. sue Said,

    Levelle- I don’t fuss as much about the girls- they are- within reason- ‘normal’, a bit headstrong, but , well, that is to be expected-. But Mike has been basically classified as a flake ( only- I suppose- because the Dutch haven’t quite gotten as far as the States inidentifying….syndromes- shall we say ?)- a charming flake, let there be no doubt about it, but still, a flake- and so I always raise my shields around him.

    We have been very lucky in that his teachers seem to see that the very same thing that makes him flaky is also a very good thing.

    Eh, it’s hard to have a flake, at times.

  4. sue Said,

    Thanks, Kinga. I’m crossing my fingers as well !

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