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Frog Day

Posted by Mummy Dearest on May-20-2004

21 years ago, May 20th fell on a Friday.

We were eating dinner when the phone call came.

Within the week, she was going to fly over to us.

Instead, the next day we all flew over to her.

Today I enjoy the things which surround me.

  1. jo Said,

    Picies don’t work over here. I remember Bacon cheese and Oatcakes ahd the exact same problem when she swapped over to her own domain name even though it was hosted from teh same place. Happy firewall issues. I’ll try from mozilla at home later and see if it matters.

  2. Angel Said,

    WOW those frogs are getting big… {{HUGS}} And are you trying to confuse me??? One min I am looking at pics of the dogs and trying to figure out the “tony” question – the next it’s tadpoles! *L* BTW Buddy looks so cute yet doofey – they are both adorable and my they have really grown…

  3. Angel Said,

    oh DUH!! NOW I get it! *L* After trying the whole thing AGAIN! *L*

  4. sue Said,

    Jo- I was wondering if that was going to come up. It has to do with a hot-linking…thing I have running and so, I shall contact the very nice people at site5 and see what they can do about it.

  5. sue Said,

    Angel, just a round about way to put the new address up.

    Oh well, couldn’t resist a pop quizz, could I ?

    And…when are you going to update, my poor, weary child ?

  6. sue Said,

    Jo, I’ve just written to support. You get to be my guinea pig.

    And won’t Daisy just sizzle- that fool remember me thing doesn’t work here either.

    One day I’ll mull over it again…

  7. Angel Said,

    Soon my dear – soon – I promise… Just alot of emotional stuff going on but I do need to vent/purge so look for an update in the next couple of days…

  8. jo Said,

    Froglets! I see froglets!!

  9. Karan Said,

    hugs your way…

    At first I thought I was seeing zucchini…then I saw those froggy eyes. So…are they sitting on your kitchen table?

  10. sue Said,

    Karan, they are on a piece of varnished plywood, floating in a large, shallow dish on the kitchen counter.

    Karan- I have 3 e-mails to answer- one of which is your’s. Makes me panic and go all a -flutter : must actually think for an e-mail. And 3!

    Much sympathy going to you- you poor, dear thing- with your dreadful, truly dreadful- spring flu. But I’m trying to think of how to answer you and my brain hasn’t too many GB’s left-

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