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Psst !

Posted by Mummy Dearest on May-3-2004

Now that the whole CD thing at BKO is over, I can reveal to you the song that I am ashamed to admit that I like.

  1. jo Said,

    I’ve always been a closet Randy Newman fan. I need to find out who did the backing vocals on that, it sounds like one of those 70′s bands i liked. Like ARS or Firefall. Hmmm, must go looking.

  2. sue Said,

    eh-hem, Han is his biggest fan. Bye the bye, did you know that I am 5’2 ?

    The CD is still on the floor here in my little room of my own, on the section marked ‘to take back downstairs’.

    Background vocals : Glenn Frey, J.D. Souther and Tim Schmit.

    Any other questions ? This CD won’t be high-tailing it downstairs for at least another week or two…

  3. Karan Said,

    Wrong! I was wrong….I said that was Brian’s bad song! I said your ugly song was Livin’ La Vida Loca! hehehehe

  4. sue Said,

    Karan- I am dying, simply dying to hear the results-

    Should B. not post them soon- please, do tell-

  5. Karan Said,

    I won’t know until he does, but I’m all a twitter myself! Here’s a hint to tide you over…..Close to You was one of mine….can you guess which?

  6. sue Said,

    No- the diplomat inside of me is afraid to ! Let me think, I believe that I gave you …OMG ! I just checked my list- I gave Close to you to you indeed.

    But the diplomat in me…

    I think at the very last minute I gave you Love Shack as well, although I was tempted to give that to Brian, for some reason-

    Now I’m just dying to know…

  7. Karan Said,

    Close to you holds a special place in my heart, down in the dreggy bottom where the swamp things grow. I hate haTE HATE that song!! Love Shack belongs to someone else….I wouldn’t worry about diplomacy…everyone who played along knew that all three songs were up for evaluation!

  8. sue Said,


    Taken from the draft of my answers :


    Dancing Queen- Lester

    Kung Fu Fighting- Brian

    Close to You- Karan

    Peanut Butter – Babs

    Elvis- me

    I’m Your Boogie…

    3 Times a Lady

    Melanie- Richard

  9. Dorothy Said,

    LOL Don’t know @ the music contest, but…no one got “Feelings?” What’s up with that? LOL

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