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Posted by Mummy Dearest on May-6-2004

Watching the news tonight- with The Father- I am shamed by the photos-reports of Americans ( with- one must assume- American sanctions thereof- ) using torture. I know that Americans using torture is nothing new, come on, isn’t Apocalypse Now just so pertinent and so true, but to actually be caught…( The Horror !).

It is vile, and the whole premise of this war was to stop just such crimes against humanity.

I gag when I see Bush on the screen.

And ask- would I let this man have my son ?

I know that America will wake up. I know the elections will change things.

They have to. Otherwise America is no longer….America.

  1. jo Said,

    It almost makes me sick to watch the news lately. But I have to say something that people probably won’t like and that is the type of person that joins the military, the gung-ho, wore cami’s when they didn’t need to, beer drinking, tough boys. I think the midset of those would lead to this no matter who is leading the country/military.
    I know a great majority of them are there because they genuinely feel that they want to serve their country. But the ones you see in those photos?
    I can see them down at the local watering hole on a Saturday night torturing some short kid, or a kid with glasses, or a fat chick.
    Just doing it to be cool.

  2. sue Said,

    Jo, you are probably right. Marjan is probably right as well- shame at human behavior.

    But I’m always thin-skinned about the behavior of Americans, for I’m sortof the token American in this neck of the woods.

  3. Angel Said,

    I probably am the minority here but 1 – I support Bush, 2 – the idiots that did those horrible things are NOT indicative of all Americans, 3 – it wasn’t just Americans – the pictures were first discovered when a BRITISH soldier returned home and had film developed but seems America is taking the fall… Not that I support what they did because it was very wrong but when you here how American and other POWs of Iraq are treated as well as the actions of 9/11 can you COMPLETELY blame some of them for what they did?? I also think that those that DID do those things to the prisoners were egged on by CIA/FBI, etc… Just my opinion of course… I also believe the saying “Freedom is not free” and support the war efforts in general… But I am sure I am in the minority…

  4. sue Said,

    Angel- you and I shall have to agree to disagree upon this topic !

    Yes ?

    For I do believe that Bush 2 is a truly evil man.

    I kid you not.

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