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Posted by Mummy Dearest on May-24-2004

You may- or may not- recall, that last November I mentioned the return of Mr.Jo, who had come to build the last of of the rebuilding projects : a screened porch sortof thing.

What I failed to mention was that a few weeks later, two agents from the, oh dear, translations….well, it really translates as ‘environmental police’ knocked on our front door one day, startling me- no doubt. They informed me that we were carrying out an illegal re-building and must stop. Immediately.

Well, Mr. Jo was taking off for Aqaba anyways, to photograph fish, so I wasn’t too upset about it. Not really, at first. Even though the new Dutch laws say that our little porch does not require a permit, even though you have to stand on someone’s shoulders ( how did they see it ?) to look over our 9 foot brick wall to notice the thing.

So The Father has gone to City Hall- which now takes forever. They have three people working in that certain Department. One is on indefinite sick leave, one doesn’t seem to work on the days that their office is actually open to the public and the other has an inordinate amount of ‘days off’.

Are you noticing how long ago November was ?

The Father managed to grab the one available civil servant – just- as he was about to take off for two weeks to somewhere else, no doubt a sunny somewhere else, a less stressful somewhere else- who shook his head sadly and told us that, well, yes, that is the new law, but it doesn’t apply to you, living in the oh- so- charming- town that you do, despite the fact that no one can see the porch unless they shinny up your walls.

No. We must submit architectural drawings ( read : 300 euro) first. So tonight, after I wished The Father pleasant dreams, he reminded me that if someone strange called, it most likely was our architect, the man we paid thousands of euro to, the man who was able to submit plans to City Hall which were approved left and right, the plans which stinkin’ didn’t work when it came time to rebuild the house.

So, alright, it’s the price that one pays to enjoy the charms of living in our town. But whenever I look out of the window in my little room of my own, I simply have to wonder which architect designed the porch with the corrugated metal roof covering laundry lines that recently sprouted up in the backyard of the building next to us..

Read : pig shelter.

  1. jo Said,

    Hmmm, I feel the need for an anonymous tip might just be in order….

  2. sue Said,

    Bye the bye, Jo- that salmon cake ( er, whatever) recipe you put up looks very good, in fact, once I can get some salmon ( tomorrow is market day) I fancy trying them. I think I like the idea of the smoked salmon in as well…

  3. jo Said,

    They were very yummy! I owe it all to Mr. McMuffin. And yea, the smoked is very important.
    Let me know how they go.

  4. sue Said,

    Jo, I’ve everything in the house now but the fresh spinach, which I’ll pick up tomorrow.

    Now, take a wild guess what I’ll be doing tomorrow morning ?

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