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White Gold

Posted by Mummy Dearest on May-30-2004

It’s that time of year again, the traditional white asparagus season. The Father’s parent’s always have us over during the season and The Father and I always make a run down to Belgium for the special white asparagus menu put together by a small place that we are very fond of.

After a night filled with nightmares of being unable to find any asparagus for the evening meal- Opa woke up this morning relieved- relieved that he had indeed woken up and could embark upon his mission of bringing home the white asparagus for tonight’s meal. There is a farmer in Udenhout, the next village over, which produces the best asparagus ever, and Opa was there early this morning to pick up 3 kilos of freshly harvested produce.

Oma served it in the manner traditional for this area : with sliced ham and hard boiled eggs, a melted butter sauce on the side. As I don’t care for the ‘sandwich’ sortof ham and as I detest – as well as being allergic to- eggs, she also included some smoked salmon for the meal.

It was a lovely evening, although I found myself hearing the dialect that they use more clearly than before- a sure sign that we don’t see them often enough.

‘Fist’ instead of ‘feest’, if you know what I mean…

  1. Julie Said,

    Sue I havent seen you here in over a week …
    was there a prob with your page ? :( Julie

  2. sue Said,

    Julie- while evrything looks the same, I”ve actually moved the place, new ‘address’ and all !

  3. Julie Said,

    well for the last week when I came here the last post was about the dogs nothing else after that till last nite when I looked .. I thought maybe
    you went away on vacation somewhere …. did that
    happen to everyone else who came here or just me ?

  4. Julie Said,

    Ill tell you it feels good to be back here …
    I was getting worried .. nothing new happened for
    over a week … for me when I checked here ..We
    traveled to Rotterdam and took the “ANVB route ”
    and saw the port … all the containers and oil
    and such along the coast was pretty amazing…
    and I saw where Prince Bernard lives … we traveld abit around Holland that last weekend for the long holiday here …today is rain but its good for the grass , plants, and pond… well hi to everyone … have a good pinkster monday :r

  5. Julie Said,

    well not that Im back I guess you cant shut me up!!! :r here this area they grow the white asp also.. I prefer it with salmon also … in this area the dialect is twense… :)

  6. sue Said,

    Nice to see you again, Julie !

  7. lynn Said,

    asparagus: some hotel brought each of us at work a complimentary bunch of this “white gold” wrapped in a moist teatowel….not my cup of tea, alas, or that of my offspring, but my husband has SAVOURED the freebies for two nights in a row now. at least someone enjoyed!

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