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Posted by Mummy Dearest on May-21-2004

I’m sitting here at my desk, trying to figure out whether or not I broke a toe during a stumble last night. My feeling is that if I have to wonder, I didn’t.

I broke my little toe when I was in my early twenties . I was very excited about it, for I never broke a bone as a child and always envied those who wore those nifty casts and collected autographs on them. And crutches … I was very disappointed when the doctor all but laughed in my face and replied ‘How can you put a cast on something that size ?’. The broken toe was left to heal itself.

Which- I suppose- is pretty much what would be done in this case. If I did break it.

There is something intrinsically pussy about breaking a toe. No, not one of those macho bones at all, like a clavicle, or a femur.

Suppose I’ll just have to watch it. Or something.

  1. Daisy Said,

    Ah, at last something I excelled at as a child! I knew the A&E staff by their first names and could name just about every bone in the body. Most summers would see me with one brown leg, one pale sickly one. Come to think of it, I sat my “O levels” on crutches.

  2. Karin Said,

    You’ll know. I broke a toe 9 years ago, when pregnant with Mitch. Yep, my little toe, like you did. And even my first break ever too! Hurt like anything for several weeks, eventually healed. Two summers ago I thought I broke my big toe. But within 2 or 3 days the swelling and pain were totally gone. So my guess is you’ll know in a couple of days.

    Either way I hope you feel better soon.

  3. sue Said,

    But Karin- confess – doesn’t saying that you broke your toe make you feel like a fool ? Like some sort of uber-clumsy dolt ? ( Broke her toe on the way to the john..har-har-har-har !)

  4. sue Said,

    Daisy, crutches as well ?

    You are cruel beyond words…

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